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A Dose of Dil Gallery Transcript
Season 6 Episode 30a
A Dose of Dil Title Card
A Dose of Dil
Original Airdate January 24, 2000
July 20, 2001 (US)
DVD release Season 6
Previous Episode Miss Manners
Next Episode Famous Babies
A Dose of Dil is an episode of Rugrats from the Season 6 .

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When Tommy feels neglected by his parents as they try to help out the other Rugrats with all of their respected "boo-boos", will he find a way to get Stu and Didi's attention? Maybe, if Angelica teaches him how to "act". - Description from Klasky Csupo


Tommy feels left out because he's not getting any attention. Dil has his feelings hurt after a having a booster shot.


Dil is crying because he had his booster shot. Tommy is crying because he wants attention and he is put with the other babies outside. Angelica crashes her play car and pretends to be hurt so she can get a lollipop. Stu takes Dil for a walk, then Didi puts Dil in the swing but the swinging motion makes Chuckie throw up. Angelica tries to teach Tommy to "act" being hurt to get attention but he can't. Phil has a cut and Lil wants to be hurt. It is all chaotic, but Stu takes note of Tommy's good behavior. Angelica says she is sick so she gets her temperature taken, while the babies are happy again and Chuckie has to "go potty". Angelica gets a time out for pretending to get sick.


  • The Pickles family still uses the Reptar band-aids from "The First Cut".
  • This is the first episode that Angelica refer to her cousin Tommy by his last name, even though they're both related.