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Ace & Eddie
Job: Crooked Mechanics
Friends: Each other
Enemies: Tommy Pickles
Angelica Pickles
Stu Pickles
Didi Pickles
Hobbies Carjacking
First Appearance: "Graham Canyon" (1992)
Last Appearance "Graham Canyon" (1992)


Names: Ace and Eddie (last names unknown)
Ages: Unknown
Voiced By: Michael Bell (Ace)/Pat Buttram (Eddie)


Ace and Eddie are two crooked mechanics, who intentionally dug a ditch on a deserted road, just to swindle unsuspecting customers out of the money that it would cost to fix their cars in Graham Canyon. However due to Angelica and Tommy mistaking their garage for the Grand Canyon, they sneak in their and begin to accidentally knock down tires. However neither mechanics see the two and believe the car to be haunted. Worried for more troubles, they fix Stu's car, charge free and insist they get back on the road.