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Season 5 Episode 6
All Broke Up
Original Airdate November 29, 2007
Previous Episode What's Love Got to do With It?
Next Episode Petition This!

All Broke Up is a sixth episode Season 5 of All Grown Up!

Characters Present


Tommy's girlfriend, Rachel is moving away, and he's cool with it. However, his friends think otherwise, believing him to be in denial. Tommy tries going about his life as normal, but everyone keeps trying to show him compassion, annoying him greatly. Tommy is advised by Dil to go along with the plan so his friends will leave him alone.


Charlotte decide to market Dil's game to the public in order to get back on top.


  • Ending Tagline: "Tears of a clown, man." - Phil
  • This episode is a pun of this show, "All Grown Up!".
  • Tommy and Rachel officially break up in this episode.
  • Irony: Chuckie and the others attempted to help Tommy seemingly get over his break-up with Rachel, but they end up being the catalysts to Tommy's heartbreak.


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