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Season 3 Episode 21a
Angelica's Worst Nightmare
Original Airdate March 16, 1994
VHS release Angelica the Divine
DVD release Season 3
Previous Episode Mr. Clean
Next Episode The Mega Diaper Babies

Angelica's Worst Nightmare is a Season 3 episode of Rugrats.

Characters Present


Loving her life as an "only child", Angelica is shocked to learn that her mother may be pregnant. This announcement causes her to have nightmares of the new baby "torturing" her for his age.


The episode starts off with Angelica in her room. After ordering her father to get her more juice, Charlotte calls him over and announces that she is pregnant. Later they tell Angelica and she laughs, thinking that is not possible. However, she asks them to take her to the toy store, but they are too busy with preparing for the new baby to do so. At Tommy's house she tells him that "her friend" is going to have a sibling when it is really her. Didi steps in and tells Tommy and Angelica that she is excited for her and Charlotte. She explains to her that her parents will be too busy for anything else when the new baby comes. Tommy then tells her that it was funny how she and "her friend" were both going to have a new sibling. She replies to this by calling him a dope.

At Angelica's house she asks if her mom not have a baby. Charlotte says that when the baby comes it comes and nothing can be done about it. In her room, she calls Dr. Daniel Prescott (a therapist). She tells him that she thinks her mother having another baby is a bad idea. After he asks her she replies saying that she thinks her parents won't have anytime for her. He tells her that she needs to think about others and not be selfish. She (of course) does not listen. At the dinner table, Drew and Charlotte do not seem to pay attention to her. They do only after she tells them about her food. They continue to discuss about where the baby will sleep. In her room, she mimics how they can't stop thinking about the baby. She falls asleep on her bed saying, "Babies, who needs them.".

Angelica wakes up in a dream where the baby has already been born and her parents are in his room. She talks to them and they don't recognize her. Drew recognizes her as their "old kid", meaning that they forgot about her and her name. He and Charlotte leave so they could call the newspaper about their new baby. Angelica goes up to the crib and the baby suddenly begins to speak in a man's voice. He tells Angelica that the house and their parents belong to him now, and she has one chance to leave home right now. Screaming and freaking out, Angelica runs to her mother and tells her that the baby talked to and threatened her. Charlotte tells her that a baby talking is impossible. Drew steps in telling Charlotte that Angelica's room is perfect for the new baby. Charlotte tells Angelica that they are giving the baby her room and all of her toys. She also tells Angelica that she will sleep in the laundry room and to do the laundry.

Charlotte adds that she was too busy to make Angelica dinner and gives her only a small slice of cheese. Upset, sad, forgotten, heartbroken, unhappy and frustrated, Angelica now believes that her parents don't care about her anymore and they only care about the new baby now. However, her baby brother (who now has appeared to have grown even taller than her) barges in the laundry room and tells her that he already told her to leave home. He steals her food and tells her that he told her to leave but since she wouldn't, he will "teach her a lesson". He then chases her around the house and she somehow manages to drive away, seemingly safe. She then runs into the baby again (who now has grown even taller than the house). He picks up the car and asks himself what she tastes like inside it. She yells about how she is his older sister but he simply ignores her. He then proceeds to put her in his mouth who then screams "No! No!" in her sleep. She then awakes with a violent start. The nightmare ends with Drew coming to her room.

Drew tells Angelica that she won't be forgotten and she happily goes back to sleep. The next day he and Charlotte tell her that they aren't going to be having a baby after all. Seemingly upset, she goes up to her room and says, "Yes!", before the episode ends.


  • This Episode is similar to Pickles vs. Pickles because the main plot of the episode is a nightmare experienced by a character.
  • This is one of the few episodes of Rugrats original seasons to contain a dark tone.
  • The opening credits "cut" on and off, rather than the usual "fade" on & off.
  • Dr. Daniel Prescott's number for his TV talk show is 555-5555; this number was used before in The Santa Experience, but as the number for Cogs Unlimited.
  • The voice of Dr. Prescott in this episode, as well as a few voices in the next story (below) are done by Gregg Berger, who's the voice of The Gromble on Real Monsters.
  • In the dream sequence, Angelica's younger brother strongly resembles old-time actor Edward G. Robinson in speech and appearance.
  • During the events of this episode, it is speculated that Charlotte had a miscarriage (or, at least, a chemical pregnancy), as she was disappointed as to when it turned out they weren't going to have a baby, or that she got a false positive on her pregnancy test.


  • Big Boy: Where do you think you're going sister?
  • Angelica: No, please! I'm you big sister!
  • Big Boy: Well now you're num-num!


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