This gallery section covers all of Angelica Pickles's appearances in Season 6 of Rugrats.

Chuckerfly/Angelica's Twin

Raising Dil/No Naps

A Whole New Stu

Chuckie's a Lefty


I Do

The Magic Baby

Hand Me Downs/Angelica's Ballet

The Art Museum

Ghost Story/Chuckie's Complaint


Junior Prom

Silent Angelica / Tie My Shoes

What's Your Line? / Two By Two

All's Well That Pretends Well

Runaway Reptar

Share and Share a Spike / Tommy for Mayor

Cooking With Susie

Officer Chuckie

Partners In Crime / Thumb's Up

The Joke's On You

Doctor Susie


Miss Manners

A Dose Of Dil / Famous Babies

No Place Like Home

Be My Valentine

Discover America

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