Angelica the Divine

Angelica the Divine is a Rugrats video, released on April 12, 1994 Sony Wonder and October 1, 1996 by Paramount Home Video.


  1. Angelica the Magnificent
  2. The 7 Voyages of Cynthia
  3. Runaway Angelica
  4. Angelica's Worst Nightmare (Paramount version only)


Previews (Paramount version)

  • Paramount Pictures logo (1986-2003)
  • Rugrats videos trailer
  • Paramount Family Favorites trailer
  • Charlotte's Web/Race for Your Life, Charlie Brown/The Secret Garden trailer
  • Feature Presentation logo/FBI warning screen
  • Paramount Pictures logo (1986-2003)
  • Nickelodeon "Windshield" bumper
  • Angelica the Devine title card
  • Rugrats intro
  • "Angelica the Magnificent" title card


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