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Babysitting Fluffy Gallery Transcript
Season 5 Episode 6a
Babysitting Fluffy
Babysitting Fluffy
Original Airdate August 15, 1998
DVD release Season 5
Previous Episode Piggy's Pizza Palace
Next Episode Sleep Trouble
Babysitting Fluffy is a Season 5 episode of the show Rugrats.

Characters Present


While Angelica goes on vacation with her family, Chas and Chuckie are asked to watch her white persian cat, Fluffy. This turns out to be a task that the Finsters regret after Fluffy ends up creating chaos for her "cat-sitters",  Fluffy is pure meowing by the door, especially since Chas is allergic to cats. Fluffy would screech about diaper on with derpy screech sound. Fluffy would spirit screech about his bottle. Chuckie is crying within appease sound with Tommy is wisdom sound and Lil is burden cry. Fluffy would justice screech in the concrete.


Angelica and her family go on vacation, but Fluffy stays behind at Chuckie's house. Chas, however, is allergic to cats and Chuckie is scared of them. Before leaving, Angelica tells Chuckie that he has to feed her, pet her for two hours and brush her a zillion times a day. She also says that if Fluffy is sad, Chuckie can cheer her up by carrying her toy mouse around in his mouth. Chuckie pats Fluffy the wrong way and she runs off, meowing. Meanwhile Stu, Charles, and Betty are trying to pave the driveway. Chuckie, Fluffy, Lillian (Lil), Philip (Phil) and Tommy are in the playpen and Fluffy meows at the door, Tommy thinks that she wants a walk and they try to use dental floss as a leash but Fluffy runs away. Then, with the grownups still trying to pave the driveway, they try to get Fluffy to play fetch but Chuckie ends up fetching the toy mouse instead. Lil thinks Fluffy needs a diaper as they are Babysitting so they try to put one on her but she scratches them, then throws up on Chuckie. However, Phil pretends to be a cat, and they learn to pat Fluffy, who really isn't all bad after all, while Lil brushes her. The grownups also manage to pave the driveway however, Fluffy falls in it and loses her fur.


  • Chas is allergic to cats.
  • This episode reveals that Betty and Howard are not cat people.

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