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Season 1 Episode 2a
Barbecue Story
Original Airdate August 18, 1991
Previous Episode Tommy's First Birthday
Next Episode Waiter, There's a Baby in My Soup
"Barbecue Story" (misspelled as "Barbeque Story" in the title card) is the first segment of the second episode of Season 1 and the second episode overall.


The Rugrats look for Tommy's new ball after Angelica throws it over the fence and into the other side of the yard.


During a 4th of July barbecue, Tommy gets a new ball and Angelica chucks it over the fence, into the next yard. Tommy and Chuckie escape their play-pen and wander into the yard. While Chuckie searches a tree stump, he gets stuck. During Chuckie's speech, Tommy sees the ball and goes to get it until stopped by a huge dog (on a chain). He proceeds to grab the ball as the dog struggles to run after him. Spike hears Tommy scream and jumps the fence (in the process, he gets a tiki-like decoration caught on his head), scares the dog, and then rescues Tommy and Chuckie. As the episode ends, Tommy and Spike sit and watch the fireworks light up into the moonlight sky.

Characters Present


  • This is the first episode to take place outside during the night time  (though it only takes place outside at night during the last few seconds of the episode).
  • This episode along with Waiter, There's a Baby in My Soup has the title card sequence shortened, that only lasts around 2/3 seconds. These are the only two episodes to have this happening.
  • This is one of the few episodes to briefly show Angelica wearing a diaper.
  • Tommy hides his signature screwdriver in the pouch of a stuffed kangaroo
  • While Stu is filming the party, three unknown characters are seen talking. They are never seen again in, or after, the episode.
  • One of the unknown characters, the red headed woman talking to Chaz, is believed to be an early prototype for Chucky's mother, Melinda. The mother character will be confirmed in Mother's Day.
  • Chuckie will make a similar speech in Moose Country.
  • Future episodes show that the other two backyards the babies visit would have been those of the DeVille's and the Finster's. In this episode however they clearly belong to very different neighbors.
  • The episode takes place on the 4th of July, which would make this the first Rugrats episode set on a holiday.


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