Boingo Burger is a restaurant featured in Hold the Pickles. Britannica works there as a waitress. In the episode, Taffy, Tommy, Dil, Phil, Lil, Kimi and Chuckie went there, and Taffy ordered six Wacky Meals and one Boingo Burger, but without pickles as she does not like dill pickles, leading the babies to try and change Dil so that she could like him. Wacky Meals may be a parody of Happy Meals from McDonald's. Each Wacky Meal has a burger and chips, and also a small prize. Kimi's was a teddy bear she thought someone left by accident, Tommy's was a small plastic dinosaur, Chuckie's was a small plastic clown head and Lil's was a finger trap. The restaurant has a yellow floor, green roof, and sliding doors. They serve burgers, chips, candy and ice cream. The candy and the ice cream were used to try and make Dil sweet. It also has a clown-themed bin the babies played with that says "Thank you, thank you" when opened, and a net to climb on.


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