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Kimi: I Hate smart Chuckie.

Phil: It rocks!

Chuckie: Uh actually it doesn't, with the greater 0000.1.

Didi: Knitting 1, pro 2, knitting 1 [gasp] zipline.

Didi doesn't know where zipline is and Tommy took it.

Didi: Tommy Pickles!

Everyone hears a surprise that Tommy's mom is hear a voice. Tommy: Dil, stay on position.

Didi came out of the house where Tommy and the rest of them are. They are at the treehouse.

Didi: Get down here right this instant! This has to be the single stupidest thing you have ever done!

Stu is pick up the ladder and stand it.

Didi: Dil, I want you on the ground now!

Dil: Trust me mom we both want the same thing.

Dil walked but the handle sharp tore Dil's sleeve hold and slide down all the way and jump in finish pool. Didi closes her eyes and knocked out. Dil gets out of finish pool and excited.

Dil: Wow that was totally wick it awesome. Can I go again?

Cut to Tommy's house tv is on that cheese man hold pointer and has hat and dress shoes.

Tommy: Chuckie, this show is lame, see what else is on?

Chuckie: No can work on clicking.

Kimi: He's back.

Tommy: You know guys, this is really boring.

Lil, Phil, Kimi, and Dil are chatting.

Chuckie: Huh?

Lil: We can hangout in the tree fort.

They are going out to tree fort and have some fun. But cut to kitchen, Stu is plugging all five televisions in extension which is last one to plug.

Stu: Television, I have bed television.

He plugs in everything in extension if televisions are on. Televisions are out, even the kitchen is out and everything in Tommy's house all power is jump. Stu is screaming.

Stu: Ahhhhhhhhh.

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