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Rugrats - Party Animals 122
Also Known AsBucky
Birth DateUnknown
InterestsThe jokes
RelativesDidi Pickles (cousin)
Tommy Pickles (cousin)
FriendsChas Finster
EnemiesTommy Pickles (possibly)
Chuckie Finster (possibly)
Phil DeVille (possibly)
Lil DeVille (possibly)
Angelica Pickles (possibly)
Voice ActorAndy Houts
First AppearanceParty Animals (Rugrats) (Season 2) (1993)

Bucky is Didi's younger cousin, who showed up at the adults costume party. He is an avid practical joker, as evidenced when he sets out to play Pull My Finger with whomever crosses his path. He's mostly seen chasing the babies in an attempt to get them to pull his finger. However, he ends up scaring them instead. This results in the babies locking him in the bathroom. He is 34 years old and is voiced by Andy Houts.


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