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Captain Blasto


Name: Captain Blasto
Age: Unknown
Voiced by: Adam West


Captain Blasto is the host of a children's television show that inspires Chuckie to become a superhero. He was a childhood star and hero to Drew and Stu when they were younger. He was also in apparent better shape, but over the years has gained a few pounds. In reality, most aspects of the show are less than stellar, such as cheap special effects. He is voiced by the late Adam West, who is famous for playing Batman in the 1960's Batman TV series and the voice of Mayor West from the adult comedy cartoon, Family Guy.


  • In the episode Angelica Breaks a Leg, Angelica asks Tommy if he wants to do something and Tommy said that he was taking a nap like he always does after he watches Captain Blasto. This is very strange since it's an old show and was likely cancelled but it may have been too popular and was put back on TV though it is not certain.


U Can find Captain Blasto gallery here.

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