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Season 6 Episode 28b
Chuckie's New Shirt
Original Airdate September 18, 2000
DVD release Season 6
Previous Episode Chuckie's New Shirt
Next Episode The Incredible Shrinking Babies
Cavebabies is a Season 6 episode of Rugrats.


The Rugrats are eating spinach together by the table, but Angelica hates spinach, she loves Reptar cookies, but cookies aren't for dinner. Didi hides the cookie jar in the garage and locks it while she eats spinach.


After Didi has hided the cookie jar from Angelica, Angelica has threatened the Rugrats with her starvation if they don't find the cookies in time. Their mission becomes a prehistoric fantasy, where the Rugrats, now "cavebabies", find Dil (Diggle), the "Wise Cave Baby", so he can point them in the direction of the cookie jar, or, "Cookiesaurus".


The Cavebabies names are:

  • Tommy - Tug
  • Chuckie - Chug
  • Phil - Phug
  • Lil - Lug
  • Dil - Diggle


Angelica: Cookies! Cookies! I need cookies!

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