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Season 3 Episode 17b
Chuckie's Wonderful Life
Original Airdate February 13, 1994
VHS release Chuckie the Brave
DVD release Season 3
Previous Episode Mommy's Little Assets
Next Episode In the Dreamtime
Chuckie's Wonderful Life is an episode of Rugrats from season three. It's a parody of the 1946 film "It's a Wonderful Life".

Characters Present


After the babies take Chas's favorite Latvian Folk Dance music CD, Angelica takes it when they aren't looking. Chuckie blames Tommy and the twins for having the idea of taking it, but then he feels guilty about it. When Angelica tells him that everyone would be better off without him, Chuckie decides to run away from hom. But then his guardian angel stops him and shows him what the world would be like if he had never been born:

He shows him that without him having been born, Chas is lonely and the only person he has to talk to is a sock puppet he named Socky. And the house is a mess because without Chuckie, Chas didn't see any reason to clean up. The Livng room is filled with empty pizza boxes
As the guardian angel drives Chuckie through the neighborhood, the streets are messy and broken and kids are causing trouble, because without him, he can't tell them to stop. At Phil and Lil's house, they are throwing plates on the floor, destroying other stuff, and Howard and Betty are crying. Then Chas comes in and says he hopes that they don't mind if he and Socky can stay because they are lonely. Then when they ask what they should do about tough Phil and Lil, he says they should be lucky to have a kid, even one that was like them, then they all start crying. The guardian angel shows Chuckie Tommy's house.
When they get there, he is going through the garbage, looking for food. The guardian angel says that one day, Angelica came by, threw him out, and took everything that he had (including his parents) and then proceeded to take over his house and the reason nobody stopped her is because she kept on yelling and yelling until she got her way. She has also become morbidly obese, forcing Stu and Didi to bake her cookies constantly and not sharing them with anyone. Angelica took a bite of cookie and a cup of syrup to drink. When Tommy asks for "just a little crumb of cookie, even if it's already been in [her] mouth", she refuses saying "she'd have to give one to everyone", and takes his rattle. Chuckie asks the angel why didn't he stand up for himself and the angel said that the only reason Tommy is brave because he has Chuckie to back him up and if Chuckie was never born, Tommy wouldn't have the guts to stand up to bullies like Angelica. Chuckie's fed up with being in a world without him, and says that running away's not such a good idea, and asks his guardian angel to take him home.

With the request granted, Chuckie's back in his own room. Then he looks outside his window and is happy to see that everything's calm and peaceful, with no destruction. Then he goes to the living room, and is surprised to see Tommy, Phil, and Lil in the playpen. Lil explains that they came over earlier when he was still asleep, and then Tommy explains that they feel really bad about what happened the day before. Chuckie forgives them, and Tommy, Phil and Lil start taking CDs out of their diapers, explaining that their parents weren't using them, so they figured Chas could use them, and Chuckie's touched by this.

Just then, the doorbell rings, and when Chas answers, Drew and Angelica are at the door (with Drew holding Angelica's hand very tightly) and holding Chas's CD in his own left hand. Drew explains that he was at home when he caught Angelica tossing Chas's CD around her room, and since Chas is the only person Drew knows who listens to Latvian Folk Dance music, Drew knew it had to belong to Chas---Chas is glad to have his CD back. Drew forces Angelica to apologize to Chas and also punishes her by not letting her have any dessert for an entire week, much to Angelica's dismay. Chuckie, Tommy and the twins are surprised that Angelica was the one who had the CD all along, and Chuckie admits that he thought it was his fault, but Tommy assures him that it was never Chuckie's fault in the first place. Chuckie looks out the window and sees his guardian angel on a motorcycle. They wave goodbye, he rides into the sun, and disappears.


  • In the life without Chuckie, there is a place called "Duffy Toy Company". Jim Duffy directed this episode.
  • This episode is a parody of the Classic Christmas movie "It's a Wonderful Life".
  • We learn Chas enjoys listening to Latvian Folk Dance-music.
  • Angelica's cup of syrup to drink and jam.


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