Chuckie Chan


Chuckie Chan
Martial Arts expert of EuroReptarLand
First Appearance

Chuckie Chan is Chuckie Finster's alter ego from Rugrats in Paris: The Movie. He appeared in one scene, where Chuckie is sleeping in the Reptar bed in the EuroReptarLand hotel and lastly TP+KF (where he was a ninja).


Chuckie Chan (Chuckie is disguised as) looks like Chuckie, except that he has more messy and longer hair, a black headband on his hair, a white martial arts uniform with a black belt, and no shoes.

He is very brave, and has no fears (being the complete opposite of Chuckie), not being afraid of the oatmeal guy, clowns, or the dark.

His name and talent is the parody of the famous Hong Kong actors: Jackie Chan, and martial artist Bruce Lee.

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