This gallery section covers all of Chuckie Finster's appearances in Season 2 of Rugrats.


Toy Palace / Sand Ho!

Chuckie vs. The Potty/Together At Last

The Shot

Showdown at Teeter-Totter Gulch/Mirrorland

Angelica's In Love / Ice Cream Mountain

Regarding Stuie / Garage Sale

Let There Be Light / The Bank Trick

Grandpa's Date

No Bones About It / Beach Blanket Babies

Reptar on Ice / Family Feud

Superhero Chuckie/ The Dog Broomer

Aunt Miriam /The Inside Story

A Visit From Lipschitz/What the Big People Do

The Santa Experience

Visitors from Outer Space

Chuckie Loses His Glasses / Chuckie Gets Skunked

Rebel Without a Teddy Bear/Angelica the Magnificent

The Box

Down the Drain/Let Them Eat Cake

The Seven Voyages of Cynthia/My Friend Barney

Feeding Hubert/Spike the Wonder Dog

The Slide/The Big Flush

King Ten Pin/Runaway Angelica

Game Show Didi

Driving Miss Angelica/Susie vs. Angelica

Tooth or Dare/Party Animals

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