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Season 2 Episode 16a
Chuckie Loses His Glasses
Original Airdate December 20, 1992
DVD release Season 2
Previous Episode The Case of the Missing Rugrat
Next Episode Chuckie Gets Skunked
Chuckie Loses His Glasses is the first segment of the sixteenth episode of season 2, and the fifty-fifth Rugrats segment overall.

Characters Present


In a game of "Hide & Go Peek", Angelica steals Chuckie's glasses, and poor Chuckie has to frantically search for them, blindly, in the rain.

- Description from Klasky Csupo.


On a rainy day, Chuckie apparently got Angelica in trouble with the adults. To get revenge, she initiates a game of "Hide-and-Seek" with the babies, forcing Chuckie to be "it" first. With cruel intentions, Angelica steals Chuckie's glasses while he counts to ten, causing him to wander fearfully around the house and in the backyard.

Tommy and the twins decide to try and look for Chuckie after he's been gone for longer than he should be, during which Angelica starts wearing Chuckie's glasses. Initially, Angelica's amused by how blurry and distorted everything looks, but soon starts feeling dizzy and sick and gives the glasses to Tommy, Phil and Lil, who decide to use the glasses to help find Chuckie. As they look for Chuckie, they hear him crying in the backyard because he thought he stepped on his own glasses and broke them. They give back his real glasses, and Chuckie's relieved and happy to be able to see properly again.

Lil and the boys walk into the kitchen, and Tommy questions how Chuckie's able to see with his glasses, as they just made him really dizzy and feel like vomiting. After hearing this, Lil wonders why the glasses didn't make her sick when she was wearing them. Just then, Angelica walks into the kitchen, looking very dizzy and sick. Drew, Angelica's dad, walks into the kitchen and sees Angelica, and comments, "Honey, you look a little sick"---just before Angelica throws up on her dad, ruining his new sweater vest. Drew takes her home since she's unwell (and because he needs to change now).

Tommy and the twins wonder whose glasses Chuckie stepped on if Angelica had his the entire time. They then see Grandpa Lou wandering around, looking for his glasses, and giggle when he mistakes Tommy's lamp for Didi.


The transcript can be found here


  • Tommy's lamp appears in this episode, though it was broken by Angelica in The Trial. It can be presumed that Didi bought the one from the toy store Betty told her about in that episode.
  • This episode was made into the Chuckie's Glasses level for the Rugrats: Search for Reptar video game.
  • It is unknown why Chuckie didn't cry for help. It was an option, and he could have cried to his parents. There is a possibility since Chuckie had no idea where he was, he just guessed the adults weren't near him.
  • This is the first time Angelica barfs on her dad. The second time she does this is in Ransom of Cynthia, however, it is off-screen this time.


  • Chuckie: Maybe we should find a nice game to play inside.
  • Angelica: Like what? You wanna eat the rest of my crayons!?

  • Phil: Does that mean we're never gonna see Chuckie again?
  • Lil: Oh noooo!
  • Phil: Who's gonna have all his toys?
  • Lil: I wonder if I could have them!
  • Phil: I thought of it first!
  • Lil: Did not!
  • Phil: Did too!
  • Lil: Did not!

  • Chuckie: Aaah! Somebody help me! I can't see! Well, I can see a little.

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