Circus Angelicus is a medium level game within the Rugrats: Search for Reptar whose portal is a lion in the upstairs bathroom.  Being a medium level game, it can't be played until the player has completed some of the easy leveled games and is based of the episode of the same name.


Angelica is putting on a circus in the backyard. As Spike, Phil and Lil, and Angelica play three different rounds to the level.


In the first round,  as Spike, run and jump over the hurdles and collect the bones. But be quick this is timed. In the second round, as Phil and Lil, ride the tricycle through the course and jump onto the target. But Don't miss or you will have to try again. In round three, as Angelica, Jump onto the plank so Chuckie can land directly in the middle of the leaf pile. Don't miss or you'll have to do it over. If you miss three times on the last round you will have to do the whole level over again.


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