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Season 3 Episode 12a
Original Airdate December 12, 1993
DVD release Season 3
Previous Episode The Mysterious Mr. Friend
Next Episode The Blizzard
Cuffed is a Season 3 episode of Rugrats.

Characters Present


Angelica has her eyes set on a toy handcuff set that Drew is going to donate to orphan children. However Drew refuses to give them to her. When Chuckie comes by to visit, Angelica decides that they should sneak into the closet and get the handcuff set with Chuckie being the look out. After a first failed attempt where Chuckie gets lonely and abandons his lookout duties, Angelica succeeds in getting the handcuff set.

When Chuckie asks what the handcuffs are for Angelica demonstrates by handcuffing herself to Chuckie stating that she is a police officer arresting him. However, they then discover that there is no key in the box and as such, they cannot remove the handcuffs.

Angelica and Chuckie repeatedly fail in their attempts to remove the handcuffs and during the middle of it, Drew informs them that Chaz is on his way over to collect Chuckie. After several further failed attempts to remove the handcuffs and thoughts about what life will be like handcuffed together(according to Chuckie "At least we'll never be lonely") Chaz arrives. Angelica repeatedly tells Chuckie to be quiet despite the fact he is trying to tell her something.

Placing a puppet over the handcuffs, Angelica pleads with Chaz for Chuckie to be allowed to spend the night under the ruse that they are now best of friends and eventually Chaz and Drew agree. However when they get back upstairs Angelica assures Chuckie she was lying.

Chuckie then reveals that he found the key under the toy puppet and he didn't tell Angelica earlier because she didn't give him the chance. Angelica furiously unlocks the handcuff from Chuckie's hand telling him never to talk to her again no matter what. However, the handcuff then locks itself again on Angelica's bedpost with the key lying just out of reach. Angelica calls for Chuckie to come back, but he refuses. Angelica then begs to help, even requesting to give him things, but still, her words fall on deaf ears.


  • This is the first episode where Tommy is absent.
  • If you look closely, you can see the key fall out of the box when Angelica rips the package open.
  • For some odd reason, this episode(along with its companion episode "The Blizzard") do not air in syndication.

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