Curse of the Werewuff (Episode) Gallery Transcript
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Season 8 Episode 2
Curse of the Werewuff
Original Airdate October 20, 2001
VHS release Halloween
DVD release Season 8
Holiday Celebration
Previous Episode Pre School Daze
Next Episode Bow Wow Wedding Vows

Curse of the Werewuff is a Season 8 episode of Rugrats.

Characters Present


In this Halloween special, the Rugrats (with the exception of Angelica) go trick-or-treating for the first time with their families at a local amusement park for Halloween. With the exception of Chuckie, all the Rugrats are excited for Halloween. To scare the babies, Angelica tells them that you turn into whatever your Halloween costume is (their parents decided to dress the babies up as monsters so they'd feel more scary than anything they actually saw at the amusement park).

After Angelica gets caught eating candy before leaving for the amusement park, her parents punish her by not letting her go trick-or-treating (but after getting to the amusement park, they tell her that if she's good, they'll take her later). Before leaving, Angelica, who's wearing a princess costume, tells the babies that, as a princess, she can turn them back into babies, but she'll only do it on one condition: the babies have to give her all the candy that they get from trick-or-treating, which, with the exception of Chuckie, they don't want to do.

Later, after getting to the amusement park, Lou and Lulu take the Rugrats into a children's haunted house (which Lulu describes as being more "cute" than "scary"), and Chuckie sees another little girl in a princess costume. He tries asking her to turn him back into a baby, but he ends up scaring her. After seeing that, the other babies decide to give Angelica their Halloween candy so she can turn them back into babies. They go trick-or-treating and get lots of candy, but when they go to look for Angelica, they see her going into a haunted house for adults and follow her, and all of them, including Angelica, get scared in the process.

They all manage to get out of the haunted house safe and sound, and Angelica reveals to the babies that she had lied about them turning into their Halloween costumes, to which her cousin, Tommy, points out that since she lied to them, they don't have to give her their Halloween candy. But, like always with Angelica, she still wants it and confiscates a bag of candy from Chuckie (claiming, "I took the curse off hair and square"). But her parents catch her eating Chuckie's candy and punish her by not letting her go trick-or-treating. In the end, all the babies, even Chuckie, like Halloween and make suggestions for what to go as next year (like a cat, a rabbit or a frog---which was Phil's idea, since frogs eat bugs).


  • Drew: Well, alright, but just one.

  • Drew: Angelica, someone needs a time out.

  • Drew: If you're good, we'll... we'll take you later.


  • This is the last episode Chuckie talks back to Angelica.
  • Angelica explains to the babies what Halloween is, when she had already done so in their first Halloween-Based episode, Candy Bar Creep Show. Unless, of course, she was refreshing their memories as well as telling Dil of what it is.
  • Despite this episode airing in 2001 it closes with the original Klasky-Csupo, Inc. logo rather than the SPLAT robot logo. This error was never corrected for the VHS or DVD releases.
  • The amusement park all the characters went to is called Dreamland, but for Halloween, they painted over the "D" with "Sc" to call it "Screamland."
  • It was actually Betty's idea to dress the babies up as monsters, which gave Kira the idea to dress Chuckie and Kimi up as a werewolf and a witch, respectively.
  • Characters with no lines:
    • Howard DeVille.
    • The Carmichael family (with the exception of Susie).
    • Spike and Fifi.
  • Angelica and Susie's Halloween costumes reflect their personalities: Susie, dressed as an angel, is much nicer and more well-behaved than Angelica, who, dressed as a princess, is very mean, spoiled, and bratty.
    • Angelica's parents were the only ones who didn't get dressed up for Halloween.


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