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Rugrats: Decade In Diapers: Collection Edition'
Decade in Diapers: Collection Edition is an Rugrats DVD compliation that contains 10 episodes from seasons 2, 4, 5, 6 and 7 to be released Tuesday, January 4, 2004 by Paramount Home Entertainment and Nickelodeon.


  1. Rugrats Opening Intro 2001
  2. Rugrats Unaired Pilot
  3. Angelica Orders Out
  4. The First Cut
  5. Reptar on Ice
  6. No Bones About It
  7. Be My Valentine
  8. Chuckie vs. The Potty
  9. Doctor Susie
  10. Vacation
  11. Finsterella
  12. Bigger Than Life

How it was Made

Celebrating 10 years of the Nickelodeon hit animated series "The Rugrats," the show's producers took a fan poll. The result of the poll is this video that collects viewers' top ten episode choices, including "Chuckie vs. The Potty," "Vacation," "No Bones About It," "Doctor Susie" and more. Expect to see the best of Chuckie Finster, Tommy Pickles, Angelica Pickles, Phil and Lil Deville and the whole gang for some good laughs.



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