Daily Variety Rugrats Magazine Book
Decade in Diapers is an special issue of Rugrats Variety magazine book that released July 20, 2001.


The 7/20/2001 issue of Daily Variety had a special section dedicated to the Rugrats. This issue featured special stories, histories, and of course, congratulatory ads for our favorite babies in this issue. Keep in mind, however, that this special appeared only in the Daily Variety, not the weekly version -- Daily Variety is mainly sold only in the Los Angeles and New York City areas, unlike the weekly version, which is sold throughout the US, Canada & Britain. The real stars of any special Variety section are the congratulatory ads. These ads, placed by the producers, stars, technicians, friends, etc., congratulate the person or show that reached a milestone worth celebrating in Variety. And the Rugrats' 10th Anniversary is no exception.


You can find Decade in Diapers (Magazine Book) gallery here.