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Didi Pickles

Didi Pickles

Didila "Didi" Kropotkin-Pickles
Voiced by
School teacher, Child Pyschologist
Taking care of her sons, teaching, Dr. Lipschitz
Stu Pickles (husband)
Tommy Pickles and Dil Pickles (sons)
Boris Kropotkin (father)
Minka Kropotkin (mother)
Ben Kropotkin (adopted brother)
Drew Pickles (Brother-in-law)
Charlotte Pickles and Elaine Kropotkin (Sisters-in-law)
Angelica Pickles (Niece)
Lou Pickles (Father-in-law)
Trixie Pickles (Mother-in-law, deceased)
Lulu Pickles (Stepmother-in-law)
Bucky (cousin)
Dylan Prescott (Second cousin)
Dr. Lipschitz, Stu, Betty, Howard, Charlotte, Lou, Chaz, Melinda Finster (deceased), Goober the Gopher
First Appearance
Last Appearance
Golden Boy (All Grown Up!, 2008)

Didila "Didi" Kropotkin-Pickles (born December 27, 1959) is the loving and beautiful mother of Tommy and Dil, and also the wife of Stu. She is a part-time school teacher, and is voiced by Melanie Chartoff.


Didi is a big fan of Lipschitz, she often reads the Dr. Lipschitz books, and tries to convince others to take his advice. When Tommy and Dil misbehave, she follows the words of Dr. Lipschitz by heart.


Didi is a teacher of home economics, but is actually revealed to be a child psychologist in the All Grown Up! episode Lost at Sea. She is mainly shown being a mother and housewife, but whenever her sons misbehave, she consults with various media published by her favorite child psychologist, Dr. Lipschitz. She follows Lipschitz's words by heart. Didi loves both her sons with all her heart. Didi and her husband, Stu (Didi especially), pay considerably more attention to their cute and very pretty niece, Angelica Pickles, and discipline her more often than most of the other adults on the show, including Angelica's own parents, Drew and Charlotte Pickles. To a certain extent, Stu and Didi are more like parents to their niece than her actual parents (even though it's been shown that Drew and Charlotte really do love Angelica).

Didi comes from a Jewish family and is very proud of her heritage, but she and Stu, who's a Christian, follow both Judaism and Christianity with their sons, Tommy and Dil. It's revealed in Mother's Day that Tommy's first memory of his mother was when he was just born (indicated to be about a day after his birth). He remembers being put in a "fish tank", and remembers seeing his mother for the first time, saying she was the only one who noticed him, and that she held his hand, saying "as long as I was there, she never let go". This said, it can be assumed that Tommy was probably born premature. Also, judging by Didi and Stu's reactions when they first found out that she was pregnant with Dil, it's also quite possible that the two had trouble conceiving, which may be, in part, why they hold their children with such love and cherish them.

Didi admits to Betty in Tommy's First Birthday that she wants to be like the moms on TV, making her children happy. Like Stu, she usually expects things to go her way. Despite her beauty, Didi tends to be the practical and mature one in the family, and the main disciplinary one. Didi is overprotective of Tommy and Dil, and, like Chuckie, is coulrophobic or afraid of clowns. She doesn't approve of Reptar a lot, but still allows Tommy to be around him.
Didi saying goodnight to Tommy on the pilot

Didi saying goodnight to Tommy in the pilot episode.


Didi has peach skin and a pair of small black eyes. She is often shown wearing a long-sleeved, calf-length red dress, red ankle-high socks, reddish-black pumps, orange bracelets, a yellow-orange pearl necklace and round green eyeglasses. which she is unable to see very well without them. The character has wavy red hair, and wears a golden pearl necklace. In All Grown Up!, her hair is cut shorter. She also has a gray-strip, showing signs of now being in her mid to late 40's. Later in the show the gray-strip is gone and her hair color is darker. She wore a light pink shirt with a dark pink skirt, white socks, brown shoes with heel gold triangular-shaped earrings  with matching necklace and a bracelet. Her glasses now are still green but D-Shaped. Her formal wear is a long light purple or light blue dress with a dark purple or dark blue belt. 


Didi Pickles has appeared in most episodes of Rugrats and All Grown Up!. Her first appearance was in the pilot episode, Tommy Pickles and the Great White Thing. Her last appearance in the Rugrats series was in the episode Kimi Takes The Cake, with her last appearance in All Grown Up! being Golden Boy.


You can find the Didi Pickles gallery here.


  • Didi is based off of Arlene Klasky, one of the creators of the Rugrats franchise.
  • Didi is the second youngest mother, with Kira the first, Betty the third, and Charlotte the forth. Melinda was actually the second youngest mother, but she's deceased.
  • Didi's the only biological child in her family. Her younger brother, Ben, was adopted.
  • She's a very protective mother.
  • Didi was 31 years old when she gave birth to Tommy, and 32 when Dil was born. That makes her 41-42 in All Grown Up!.
  • Didi and Stu celebrate their fifth wedding anniversary, which means that they got married back in 1986 when they were 28 (Stu) and 27 (Didi).
  • Didi's hair somewhat resembles Krusty the Clown from The Simpsons, Klasky Csupo's previous project.

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