Dil's Binkie Gallery Transcript

[The episode opens with Didi stirring a bowl of food and her humming while doing so. The camera zooms out to show Dil in his highchair behind Didi as he spits out his binkie and babbles happily and laughs. Didi turns a looks at Dil to see that he spat out his binkie]

Didi : "Oh Dilly, that was so cute the first 20 times you did it, but now Mommy's really got to get lunch ready."

[Didi walks over and picks up the binkie, Dil laughing while she did so, as she wiped it off before putting it back into Dil's mouth before going back to making lunch. Dil sucks on his binkiea moment and as Didi turns around with the bowl, Dil spits his binkie out once again as it bounces off the highchair tray and into the bowl. The contents splatter as the binkie lands into the bowl as Didi turns to reveal that the contents of the bowl splattered onto her face, glasses, and clothes. Dil laughs as Didi sets the bowl down and takes out the binkie before washing it off.]

Didi: "Now keep Mr. Binkie in your mouth while mommy cleans the oopsie off her clothes."

[Didi is seen putting the binkie back in Dil's mouth as she waks away offscreen back over to the sink. Dil then looks at Spike, who had walked into the room, as Spike walked over to his water dish taking a drink out of it. As Spike does this, Dil spits out his binkie again as it bounces off the table and the floor before landing in Spike's water dish as Dil babbles happily. Spike then walks off with Dil's binkie in his mouth as he walks outside into the backyard where Tommy was playing with a jack-in-the-box. Tommy is turning the handle on the jack-in-the-box as he watches as Spike walk by as Spike drops the binkie on top of the jack-in-the-box. Tommy then turns his attention back to the toy as he kept turning the handle until it popped opened revealing a Reptar figure jack as Dil's binkie flew into the air as Tommy looked up in amazment.]

Tommy: " Woah! I never saw a binkie fly afore!"

[Tommy watched as the binkie flew out of the yard as the binkie bounced off the top of the garage and into the mud puddle where Phil and Lil were playing in their front yard.]

Phil : "Here comes the biggest one Lillian!"

[Phil makes a mudpie with the binkie inside as he picks it up and throws it at Lil as it flys right past her and into the trashcan that Howard was carrying. Howard whistles as he carries the trashcan over to a man who picks it up and carries it off screen. The scene cuts as the man drives off in his truck as a bird flys into view, following the truck. The bird flys down and grabs some sticks along with the binkie from the truck as it flys over to its nest, which was located in the park nearby. The bird lands in front of the nest where its babies were as it puts the sticks into the nest, dropping the binkie as it does. The binkie is then seen bouncing down the tree and onto the grass before landing onto the side walk. A boy on a skateboard rides by as he runs over the binkie sending it flying over to the nearby playground equipment as it bounces on it and rolls down the slide.

The binkie lands on the ground in front of two boys and is then kicked in a clump of sand when one boy kicks it towards the other boy who moves out of the way. The binkie flys over and bounces on the sidewalk before landing in another boy's bike, which the boy was riding, as it rickashaded off of the bike spokes. It then flys over to where two girls were playing teether ball as the binkie is hit by the teether ball as it flys back over towards Phil and Lil's house. Betty is seen cleaning off Phil and Lil with the hose as Phil and Lil giggle happily. Betty then sees a mosquito as she swats at it.]

Betty: "Darn mosquitos!"

[The binkie bounces off Betty's head as Betty swats at it thinking its another mosquito .]

Betty: "Woah that was a big sucker."

[The binkie is seen bouncing off the fence and into the sprinkler water in the Pickles' backyard as the binkie is carried on the water as it bounces on the patio wall and into the kitchen window. Didi is seen washing the dishes as the binkie bounces off the faucet and lands on the counter. Didi and Dil both see the binkie as Dil babble and squealed excitedly as Didi shook her head.]

Didi: "Dil, you litte scamp."

[Didi then walks over and is seen putting the binkie back into Dil's mouth as Dil is then seen pulling it out of his mouth leaving a saliva trail as he did as he contiued to babble and squeal happily as the screen faded to black ending the episode.]

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