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InterestsPlaying with Chuckie and Kimi
RelativesSpike (mate)
Spiffy (son)
Pepper/Sparky (daughter)


EnemiesAngelica, Fluffy, Coco LaBouche
First AppearanceRugrats in Paris: The Movie (Rugrats, 2000)
Last AppearanceTBA

Fifi is the Finster family dog that made her first appearance in Rugrats in Paris: The Movie. Fifi was originally a stray dog in Paris, France and when Spike, the Pickles' family dog, saw her from their hotel room balcony, he immediately fell in love with her. When Fifi came face to face with Spike for the first time, she immediately fell in love with Spike, becoming Spike's love interest.


Fifi is a lilac and white poodle who originally came from Paris, France, with Kira and Kimi. Upon returning to America, Fifi became the Finster family dog, and Spike's new girlfriend. In Bow Wow Wedding Vows, an Easter special, Fifi "marries" Spike and she also gives birth to a litter of nine puppies.

Fifi and Spike's puppies have their first major appearance in A Tale Of Two Puppies, where, at the beginning, all but two of their nine puppies have been adopted by other families (because the Finsters, and presumably the Pickles' as well, had decided to give all the puppies away to good, nice families). The two puppies who haven't been adopted are a rambunctious boy puppy that Stu names "Spiffy," and a frightened female puppy who the babies called "Puppy," but is eventually named "Pepper/Sparky" in the episode Mutt's in a Name. In the end, Spiffy stays with their dad and the Pickles' family, while Pepper stays with their mom and the Finsters.



You can find the Fifi gallery here.

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