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Season 1 Episode 12a
Fluffy vs. Spike
Original Airdate April 12, 1992
Previous Episode The Trial
Next Episode Reptar's Revenge

Fluffy vs. Spike is the first segment of the twelfth episode of Season 1 and the twelfth episode overall.

Characters Present


Spike gets blamed for everything that Angelica's cat, Fluffy, does, so the babies try to prove that Spike is innocent. Fluffy was the one who blamed on Spike, then at the end, she got in trouble.


A heavy rainstorm forces the kids to play inside the house rather than outside in the backyard. Little did they realize that Angelica would bring her cat, that she has named Fluffy, who not only looks similar to Angelica, but acts a lot like her as well. During the course of the day, Fluffy meets Spike and the rambunctious feline destroys the house and many valuables, for which Spike gets blamed.


  • Amation Error: After Angelica tells Tommy, Phil,and Lil to poke their eyes when Tommy walks back Lil's bow was a blueish-purplish color.


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