Fountain Of Youth Gallery Transcript
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Season 9 Episode 13a
Rugrats Fountain Of Youth
Fountain Of Youth
Original Airdate June 8, 2004
DVD release Season 9
Previous Episode Gimme an "A"
Next Episode Kimi Takes The Cake

Fountain of Youth is a Season 9 episode of Rugrats.

Character Present


The babies and their families go to Stu and Drew's old cabin on Lake Crackanee where they first meet Chas. After seeing some old movies of themselves as kids. Stu wishes that they were young again. The wish became a mission for the Rugrats, who start searching for The Fountain of Youth which can turn their parents into little kids. It is all fun until Angelica tells them that once their parents become babies she will be in charge.


The babies thought that the Grownups are going to change into babies when they touch the fountain, but then they didn't once they touched it.


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  • This is the first time we see Kimi in a bathing suit.
  • This is also the final appearance of Angelica in Rugrats.
  • Once again Boris and Minka don't go on the trip.
  • When Tommy and Chuckie visioned themselves with their dads as babies, the only one that you don't see is Kimi with her baby mom.
  • Oddly enough, Betty, Howard, Phil, and Lil don't go on this trip, and it is unknown why because this is an important trip which they're usually a part of.
  • At the end, a plesiosaur-like creature pops out of the lake briefly. This is possibly a reference to various lake monster sightings throughout the world, the most famous being the Loch Ness Monster.