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Rugrats - Opposites Attract 113
Also Known AsFreddie
Birth DateUnknown
InterestsBeing careful with things
FriendsChuckie Finster
Tommy Pickles
Voice ActorHynden Walch
First AppearanceOpposites Attract (Rugrats) (Season 6) (1999)
Freddie was Chuckie's friend in the episode "Opposites Attract". He is more easily frightened than Chuckie and made friends with Sam and Tommy as well. His personality is somewhat how Chuckie's would be if Chuckie had a highly vivid imagination and was superstitious. He believes thst oatmeal can eat you, that ants go gigantic when wet, that people can turn into spiders and that sandpeople and mud people exist and when warning Chuckie about them he accidentally caused Chuckie to get into a funny mood. He has freckles and a blond afro, also wearing white sneakers, an orange jersey and blue dungarees. He is voiced by Hynden Walch.

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