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Grandpa's Bad Bug Gallery Transcript
Season 5 Episode 5a
Grandpa's Bad Bug Title Card
Grandpa's Bad Bug
Original Airdate December 27, 1997
VHS release Dr. Tommy Pickles
DVD release Season 5
Previous Episode Pirate Light
Next Episode Lady Luck
Grandpa's Bad Bug is an fifth episode from Season 5 of Rugrats.

Characters Present


Grandpa Lou comes home after an all-nighter playing Poker, even though he promised his son he'd be home early enough to help Didi and Stu plant flowers, and fakes having a "bad bug" to get some sleep. Unfortunately for Grandpa Lou, the babies overhear his lie and decide to find a way to chase off the bug to cure the elderly man.



Grandpa Lou claimed that he used to stay up for fifteen days in a row and liked it. However, one hard-to-beat record for the most time without sleep is 264 hours, or eleven days, which was an extreme. After about a week, a person would hallucinate due to the lack of REM sleep. After less than two weeks, a person would experience brain damage, possibly permanent. It's pretty impossible for him to do this, much less enjoy it. It is possible that he is exaggerating with the number 15.


  • When Stu and Didi are in the garden, Didi is wearing a purple sweater but when she is zoomed in on and says" They're so Sweet" her outfit is the same red dress she always wears.

At the end of one scene, the babies are in their regular clothes instead of their pajamas.

  • Grandpa lies that he is sick with a bug, and the babies take it literally and think he is sick because he ate a bug. Phil and Lil eat bugs a lot without getting sick, so Tommy concludes it must be a bad bug.

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