I Remember Melville Gallery Transcript

[The episode begins with a view inside a box with a hole in it. A pill bug rolls inside it. A stick then appears and pushes it, causing it to roll again. Spike pokes his nose in the box and sniffs the pill bug. The camera zooms out, revealing Tommy and Phil, both of whom are holding sticks, next to him.]

Tommy: "What is it? A marble?"
Phil: "Maybe it's a eyeball."

[The camera moves over to Lil, who is standing next to Phil.]

Lil: "I know! It's a candy!"

[Lil reaches in the box and picks up the pill bug. She is about to eat it, when Chuckie can be heard.]

Chuckie: "No, Lil!"

[Chuckie, who is carrying leaves in his arms, runs up to Lil. He takes the pill bug from her.]

Chuckie: "That's not a candy, that's Melville!"

[As Tommy talks to Chuckie, Melville crawls across Chuckie's arm.]

Tommy: "Melville?"
Phil: "What's a Melville?"

[As Chuckie talks to Tommy, Phil, and Lil, Melville crawls onto his face, stopping at his glasses.]

Chuckie: "Melville's my new pet!"

[Lil walks up to Chuckie.]

Lil: "Still looks yummy to me!"
Tommy: "But I thought you wasn't allowed to have pets cause' your dad's allergic!"
Phil: "And cause they mess up your house!"
Lil: "And cause' you're scared of aminals!"

[As Chuckie talks to Tommy, Phil, and Lil, he picks Melville up off his glasses.]

Chuckie: "Melville's not like other pets! He doesn't have fur, he sleeps in a neat little box, and he doesn't have any sharp, scary teeth! Yep, Melville's the perfect pet!"
Tommy: "Wow! So what does he do?"

[Chuckie sets the leaves down in Melville's box.]

Chuckie: "You know, he does pet stuff! Like Spike!"
Phil: "Spike?"

[As Phil talks to Chuckie, Melville crawls off Chuckie's finger and onto one of the leaves in his box.]

Phil: "But Melville's not really like a dog."
Lil: "Yeah, he's really more like a bug."
Chuckie: "Sure, maybe to you, Melville's like a bug, but do you know what I see when I look at him?"
Lil: "Lunch?"
Chuckie: "No! I see a friend!"

[As Chuckie continues talking to Tommy, Phil, and Lil, Melville crawls onto his arm.]

Chuckie: "Melville always listens to me, he never makes fun of me, and he shares my deepest, darkest, most scariest secrets! Melville's the bestest thing that's ever happened to me!

[The screen transitions to the next scene, which takes place in Chuckie's backyard. Chuckie watches Melville eat leaves. He picks up a leaf and eats one himself, finds it tastes terrible, but eats it nonetheless out of respect for Melville. The screen then transitions to a view of Chuckie setting Melville down on the sidewalk.]

Chuckie: "Go ahead, roll over!"

[Melville crawls away. The screen then transitions to a view of Melville walking across the sidewalk. Chuckie hops over him as he crawls.]

Chuckie: "Yah! Yah! Yah!"

[The screen then transitions to a view of Chuckie holding a stick.]

Chuckie: "Fetch, boy!"

[Chuckie throws the stick, but Melville just stands in front of him. The screen then transitions to a view of Chuckie lying on the edge of the sandbox, with Melville on his finger. The camera zooms in on him.]

Chuckie': "And one time, I accidentally ate one of those colored soaps from the bathroom. You know, they do look like candy.

[Chuckie sits up.]

Chuckie: "Wow! I never told that to anyone before! It's so easy to talk to you, Melville!"

[Chuckie puts Melville on his shoulder as the sun sets. The screen transitions to the next scene, which takes place in Tommy's backyard the next day. Tommy, Phil, and Lil are all giggling as they play in the mud. They are all covered in mud, lil is eating a mud pie, and Phil throws some mud at the wall. Chuckie walks through the back door, carrying Melville's box, and a suitcase filled with leaves. He grunts as he pulls the suitcase, then stops near Tommy, Phil, and Lil.]

Chuckie: "Hi, guys!"

[Chuckie sets Melville's box down on the porch.]

Tommy: "What's in the suitcase, Chuckie?"
Chuckie: "Oh, this is just some of Melville's stuff.

[Chuckie turns to face the suitcase. He unlatches and opens it, revealing leaves, flowers, a toy airplane, a wooden block, and a ball in it.]

Chuckie: "Hey, could you guys watch him for me while I get him some more food?"

[As Chuckie talks to Tommy, Phil, and Lil, he takes the flowers out of the suitcase.]

Chuckie: "See, he really likes this one kind of leaf, and it's sort of hard to find!"

Tommy: "Okay, we'll watch him!"
Chuckie: "Thanks! You sure he'll be all right?"

[Chuckie opens Melville's box, and Melville crawls up to him.]

Tommy: "He'll be fine, Chuckie."
Chuckie: "All right."

[Chuckie reaches into his pants pocket and pulls out a yellow handkerchief. He places it in Melville's box.]

Chuckie: "Oh, just one thing."

[As Chuckie talks to Tommy, Phil, and Lil, Lil throws mud at the back of Phil's head.]

Chuckie: "Make sure he takes his nap. He's always cranky when he doesn't."
Tommy: "Okay, Chuckie."

[Tommy, Phil, and Lil all walk up to Melville's box. Chuckie tries to walk away, but turns around.]

Chuckie: "And don't let him spoil his appetite with grass,"

[Chuckie pulls some leaves out of Melville's box.]

Melville: "I'm bringing him a good dinner!"
Tommy: "Okay, Chuckie."

[Chuckie tries to walk away, but turns around and walks back.]

Chuckie: "Oh, yeah, and if he asks about me, tell him I'm only on the other side of the yard and I'll be back real..."
Tommy: "Chuckie! Okay!"

[Tommy walks up to Chuckie. He puts his hand on Chuckie's back, and they walk away together.]

Tommy: "I think we can take care of Melville. Have a great time."

[Chuckie walks away, waving at Melville.]

Chuckie: "Bye, Melville! Be good!"

[Tommy turns around and walks back towards Melville's box. Lil picks the lid up and puts it down near the box.]

Lil: "Let's eat him!"
Phil: "Okay!"

[Lil pushes Phil down.]

Phil: "Whaa!"

[Phil lands in the mud, splatting some of it on the wall. Lil tries to reach in, but Tommy stop her.]

Tommy: "No! We promised to take care of him, and that's what we're gonna do!"

[Phil gets up.]

Tommy: "Now, why don't we teach Melville some new tricks and surprise Chuckie?"

[Tommy, Phil, and Lil all look into Melville's box. Melville is lying on his back atop the handkerchief, but he isn't moving.]

Tommy: "Melville? You awake?"

[Tommy reaches in and pokes Melville, who doesn't move.]

Lil: "Maybe he's tired!"
Phil: "Or maybe his batteries ran out."
Lil: "Or maybe he's dead."
Phil: "Well, this'll surprise Chuckie, all right!"
Tommy: "Dead? What do you mean?
Lil: "Well, dead is when you're asleep for a long time."
Phil: "Like forever."
Tommy: "Wow! Are you sure Melville's dead?"

[Phil reaches in and picks up Melville. He tosses him around, but Melville doesn't move, confirming he is in fact, dead.]

Phil: "Yep, he's dead, all right!"
Lil: "Want to make some more mud pies?"
Tommy: "No, guys! We gotta do something about this!"
Phil: "Mmmm, I think it's a little late, Tommy."

[Phil tosses Melville back into his box.]

Tommy: "No, I mean, for Chuckie! He's gonna be really upset!"
Lil: "But what can we do?"
Tommy: I know! We'll find him another bug!"

[Tommy and Lil walk away.]

Phil: "Hey, if we find two bugs, can I eat the other one?"

[Phil walks after Tommy. The screen then transitions to the next scene, where Tommy is holding a snail by its shell. The camera zooms out on him and Phil. They, along with Lil, are no longer covered in mud.]

Phil: "Are you sure Chuckie's gonna like this one? It's not really a bug, it's a snail."
Lil: "Come on, Phil, a bug's a bug!"

[Tommy sets the snail down on the handkerchief in Melville's box. The snail crawls on the handkerchief as Tommy picks up Melville and puts him on a blue plastic shovel. As Chuckie hums, Tommy puts the lid on Melville's box. Chuckie, who has many leaves in his arms, walks onto the porch.]

Chuckie: "Hi, guys, I'm back!"
Tommy: "Hey, Chuckie!"

[Phil and Lil laugh nervously, then Chuckie sets his leaves down.]

Chuckie: "Yah! Sorry I took so long!"

[As Chuckie talks to Tommy, Phil, and Lil, he pushes all the leaves off a fern branch. He then pushes them into a pile.]

Chuckie: "You wouldn't believe how many kinds of leaves there are around here!"

[Chuckie then picks up a branch and pushes the leaves off it.]

Chuckie: "I thought Melville could try a bunch and see what he likes best!"
Tommy: "Good idea."
Chuckie: "So, anything exciting happen while I was gone?

[Chuckie walks up to Tommy, Phil, and Lil.]

Tommy: "Hmm, nothing much."

[Lil walks up to Tommy.]

Lil: "Phil found a piece of gum under a rock!"
Chuckie: "Yeah?
Tommy: "And Lil ate another mud pie."
Chuckie: "Neat."

[Phil gets up and walks up to Chuckie.]

Phil: "And, oh yeah, your bug died."

[Phil puts his hand on Chuckie's shoulder. Chuckie drops his leaves in shock upon hearing this.]

Chuckie: "WHAT?! Melville! Melville!"

[Chuckie picks up the lid of the box and tosses it aside. Tommy, Chuckie, and Phil look inside the box, where the snail is crawling.]

Tommy: "One minute he was fine, and the next..."

[Before Tommy can finish, Chuckie pulls on his shirt.]

Chuckie: "I want him back!"

[Tommy puts his hand on Chuckie's shoulder.]

Tommy: "Chuckie, don't worry, we got you a new bug."
Chuckie: "I don't want a new bug! And besides, that's not even a bug, it's a snail! Yah!"

[Chuckie picks up the snail and tosses it aside.]

Phil: "Told you!"
Chuckie: "I want Melville! Go get Melville!"
Tommy: "But Melville's dead!"
Chuckie: "No he's not! He can't be!"

[Chuckie reaches in Melville's box and pulls out some grass.]

Lil: "Sure he can! Look at him!"

[Lil picks up the shovel that Melville is on. Chuckie picks up Melville and drops him in his hand.]

Chuckie: "Speak to me, Melville!"

[Tommy puts his hand on Chuckie's shoulder.]

Tommy: "Chuckie, listen! Your bug died! We got you a new bug! It's going to be okay!"

[Tommy pats Chuckie's hand.]

Chuckie: "He didn't die! He's alive, I tell you! Alive! Alive! Alive!"
Tommy: "Chuckie! He's dead, and he isn't coming back!"

[Chuckie puts his hands over his ears.]

Chuckie: "Stop it! Just quit saying that!"

[Chuckie walks backwards.]

Tommy: "But..."
Chuckie': "Come on, Melville! We don't have to take this!"

[Chuckie grabs the open suitcase, and walks away, dragging it along.]

Chuckie: "We'll get some more of those leaves you like!"

[Tommy watches Chuckie as he walks away, then turns to face Phil and Lil.]

Tommy: "Guys, Chuckie didn't take that as well as I'd hoped."

[The screen fades to black. It then transitions to the next scene, which takes place in Tommy's backyard. Chuckie is playing near a lawn chair, which has a string tied to the armrests. Tommy, Phil, and Lil walk out the back door.]

Chuckie: "Ugh! Come on, Melville, you can do it!"

[Chuckie puts Melville on the string, but he falls off. Chuckie picks up Melville as Tommy, Phil, and Lil walk up to him.]

Tommy: "Uh, Chuckie?"
Chuckie: "Melville and I are training for the circus, Tommy!"
Tommy: "Uh-huh. Can we sit down?"

[Chuckie places Melville on the string, but he falls off again.]

Chuckie: "Sure!"

[Chuckie places Melville on the string.]

Chuckie: "That's it, Melville!"

[Melville falls off the string again.]

Chuckie: Come on, Melville! Let's try to make it all the way across this time!"

[Tommy, Phil, and Lil all look at Chuckie. Tommy then notices a worm burrowing out of the ground and pulls it out. He then turns to face Chuckie.]

Tommy': "Look, Chuckie. This worm here is alive."

[Chuckie turns to face Tommy.]

Tommy: "See how it moves? But Melville doesn't move at all; he just lies there."

[Chuckie stares angrily at Tommy.]

Chuckie: "Tommy, me and Melville are just fine here! We are not dead, okay?"

[Chuckie picks up a plastic ring and stands up.]

Chuckie: "Come on, Melville, let's show em' some new tricks!"
Tommy: "Uh..."
Chuckie: "First, the ring jump!"

[Chuckie tosses Melville through the ring.]

Chuckie: "Ta-da!"

[Chuckie takes a bow. Tommy, Phil, and Lil all look at each other and applaud nervously for Chuckie. Chuckie is holding a leaf, which he puts Melville on. He then sets the leaf on the armrest of the lawn chair]

Chuckie: "For his next trick, the Amazing Melville will dive off the super high board into a tiny pool of water!"

[Chuckie looks at Melville, who doesn't move. He pushes the leaf off the armrest, and it falls outside the cup of water. He then picks up Melville and puts him in the cup.]

Chuckie: "Ta-da!"

[Chuckie takes a bow, and Tommy, Phil, and Lil all applaud nervously. Chuckie then picks Melville up out of the cup.]

Chuckie: "And now, for his grand tamale, Melville's gonna..."

[Chuckie puts Melville down on Tommy's ball. Melville falls off it.]

Chuckie: "He, he's gonna..."

[Chuckie puts Melville down on Tommy's ball again, but Melville falls off it again. Chuckie then picks up Melville.]

Chuckie: "He's... dead."

[Tears fill Chuckie's eyes, and Chuckie cries, upon finally realizing that Melville is dead.]

Chuckie: "Oh, Tommy! Melville's dead! He's really dead!"

[Tommy crawls up to Chuckie.]

Chuckie: "Why'd he have to die? He was the bestest bug I ever had!"
Phil: "He was the only bug you ever had."

[Chuckie sniffles.]

Chuckie: "I thought if I could just pretend he was alive, he'd wake up and be okay! Guys, I miss Melville! I'll never be happy again!"

[Chuckie cries, and the screen fades to black. The screen transitions to the next scene, which takes place in Tommy's backyard the next day. Tommy, Phil, and Lil are all playing in the sandbox. Tommy and Phil are both holding blue plastic shovels.]

Lil: "Chuckie was pretty sad yesterday, wasn't he?"
Tommy: "When Chuckie comes over today, we gotta be real nice to him, so he'll be happy again!"
Phil: "Good idea, Tommy."

[As Tommy talks to Phil, Lil picks up some sand and puts it back in the sandbox.]

Tommy: "And whatever you do, don't say anything that'll remind Chuckie of Melville!"
Lil: "Okay!"
Phil: "Got it!"
Chuckie: "Hi, guys!"

[Chuckie walks up to Tommy, Phil, and Lil, who all turn to face him.]

Tommy: "Uh, hi, Chuckie! How's it going?"
Chuckie: "Okay, I guess."
Phil: "We were just playing in the sand here."

[Chuckie climbs into the sandbox.]

Lil: "You want to help?"
Chuckie: "Sure!"

[Chuckie picks up the shovel in front of him. He, Tommy, Phil, and Lil are all holding shovels and dig in the sandbox. Tommy looks into the hole Chuckie made.]

Tommy: "Great hole you're digging, Chuckie!"

[Phil looks into the hole.]

Phil: "Yeah, I'll say!"

[Lil looks into the hole.]

Lil: "It's about the best hole I ever sawed!"
Chuckie: "Gee, guys, it's just a hole!"
Tommy: "No, really!"

[Tommy stands up.]

Tommy: "It's a great hole!"

[As Chuckie continues digging, Tommy walks up behind him and looks down at the hole. Chuckie turns to face him.]

Chuckie: "You feel like doing something else?"
Tommy: "Sure, Chuckie!"
Lil: 'What do you want to do?
Chuckie: "I don't know."
Phil: "We could go play on the jungle gym!"

[Tommy shakes his head and waves his arms in disapproval, to remind Phil not to remind Chuckie of Melville.]

Phil: "What's that, Tommy? Why are you waving your arms like that?

[Tommy hides his arms behind his back. Phil then gasps.]

Phil: "Oh, I get it, Tommy! It's cause' the Jungle Gym's where Chuckie found Mel..."

[Before he can finish, Phil clamps his hand over his mouth.]

Chuckie: "What, Phil? Found what?"
Phil: "Nothing. I was just saying... maybe there's batter things to play than the jungle gym."
Lil: "Let's play circus!"

[As Chuckie talks to Lil, Tommy shakes his head and waves his arms in disapproval, to remind Lil not to remind Chuckie of Melville.]

Chuckie: "Circus is a fun game!"
Lil: "Oh, that's right, I forgot, Mel... I mean, we already played circus today! Heh heh!"
Chuckie: "Well, what are we gonna play, then?"

[Phil and Lil turn to face each other.]

Phil and Lil: "Um, uh..."
Tommy: "I know!"

[Phil and Lil turn to face Tommy.]

Tommy: "We'll go inside and play 'bugs in the rug'!"

[Phil and Lil gasp upon hearing this. They then look at each other.]

Tommy: "What's the matter, you guys? 'Bugs in the rug' is a great game! We'll all be little tiny bugs and we'll go under the rug and crawl around and around, and have all kinds of bug fu..."

[Before Tommy can finish, he clamps his hands over his mouth, remembering that he wasn't supposed to remind Chuckie of Melville.]

Chuckie: "What? What's wrong?"
Tommy: "Well, uh, uh, we didn't want to remind you about... you know."

[Chuckie stands up.]

Chuckie: "Guys, don't worry, that was yesterday! I'm going on with my life! I forgetted all about ol' whats-his-name!"
Phil and Lil: "Melville!"

[Chuckie turns to face Phil and Lil and stares at them in shock.]

Tommy: "Wow, that's great, Chuckie! In that case, let's go sneak some chocolate pudding out of the kitchen!"

[As Tommy and Chuckie walk away, Phil and Lil look at each other in approval.]

Phil and Lil: "Yeah!"

[Phil and Lil stand up and follow Tommy and Chuckie. In the kitchen, Tommy opens the fridge and picks up a four-pack of chocolate pudding. He hands cups to Phil and Lil.]

Tommy: "One for you, one for you,"

[Phil and Lil lick their lips in excitement and remove the lids to their cups.]

Tommy: "One for me, and one for Chuckie."

[Tommy hands Chuckie a pudding cup. Chuckie removes the lid to his cup and tosses it aside. Tommy, Chuckie, Phil, and Lil are all eating chocolate pudding, until Chuckie looks into his cup and tears fill up his eyes. He starts crying when he thinks about Melville.]

Tommy: "What's wrong, Chuckie?"

[Lil walks up to Chuckie.]

Lil: "Don't you like chocolate pudding?"
Chuckie: "Melville and me always used to have chocolate pudding together, right before... he DIIIIIIED!"

[Chuckie continues crying.]

Phil: "Uh-oh!"
Lil: "Nice going, Tommy!"

[Tommy walks up to Chuckie and takes his pudding cup.]

Tommy: "Come on, Chuckie, we'll find something else for you to eat, and then you can forget all about Melville!"
Chuckie: "Wait!

[Chuckie runs up to Tommy and takes his pudding cup back.]

Chuckie: "I don't want to forget Melville! Melville was my friend! If I don't memer' him, who else is gonna? Besides, I like chocolate pudding!"

[Chuckie reaches into his pudding cup and eats the chocolate pudding off his finger.]

Phil: "I don't get it, Chuckie; you want to think about Melville?"
Chuckie: "Yeah, I do."
Lil: "But doesn't it make you sad?"
Chuckie: "Sure, it makes me sad, but, well, It's just that... I know Melville's gone and everything, but, I never, uh... I never got to say goodbye!"

[Tommy, Phil and Lil all look at each other as they get an idea. The screen transitions to the next scene, which takes place in Tommy's backyard. Tommy puts Melville's box in a hole, and Phil and Lil bury the box with dirt. Tommy places a flower in the dirt, then stands up.]

Tommy: "We're here to say goodbye to our friend, Melville the Bug."

[Chuckie taps Tommy's shoulder, then whispers in his ear.]

Chuckie (whispering): "Uh, that's Melville the Bug Finster."
Tommy: "Uh, that's Melville the Bug Finster. Does anyone want to say a few words?"

[Phil and Lil stand up.]

Phil: "Ahem. Melville was a good bug. He was a good friend of Chuckie."
Lil: "I remember Chuckie would throw a stick for Melville, even though Melville would never bring it back!"
Phil: "I remember how they used to eat leaves together, even though I don't think Chuckie really liked leaves."

[Chuckie sniffles upon hearing Phil and Lil saying about the good times they had together.]

Lil: "And I remember how they used to eat chocolate pudding, even though I don't think Melville really liked chocolate pudding!"

[Phil puts his hand on Lil's shoulder. Phil and Lil both have tears rolling down from their eyes, until Chuckie laughs hysterically.]

Lil: "Chuckie!"
Phil: "Have a little respect!"
Chuckie: "I'm sorry! It's just that... you guys reminded me of all the fun stuff... me and Melville used to do together!"
Phil: "We did?"
Chuckie: "Yep! From now on, when I remember Melville, I'm gonna be happy! Thanks, guys!"

[Tears roll down Phil and Lil's eyes again as they look at each other. Lil cries for no reason.]

Phil: "Oh, you're welcome, Chuckie!"

[Lil wipes her nose with Phil's sleeve. Phil then cries for no reason.]

Lil: "That's so beautiful!"

[Phil and Lil hug each other as they continue crying for no reason. Tommy and Chuckie look at each other and shrug. The camera moves up to the sky, and the screen fades to black, ending the episode.]

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