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Earl: Hey, what's going on here?
Man #1: It's those guys!
[Earl walks towards Stu and Drew]
Man #2: Yeah!
Man #3: They're the slowest golfers I've ever seen!
Man #4: Why doesn't the owner do something?
Earl: Now, gentlemen, do you think we might move it along a little bit? There are other people who want to play.
Drew: You stay out of this, OK? I've had it up to here with you trying to hurry us along! We're paying customers! [Turns to Stu] You first, little brother.
Stu: No, you first.
Drew: I said, you first! What do you want?! A written invitation?!
Earl: Come on, fellas! You guys are practically pros. Why don't you both just hit your balls at the same time?

Angelica: I Want My Ice Cream!!!