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Ice Cream Mountain is a nine leveled mini game from the Rugrats: Search for Reptar video game where the five children alternate playing the different holes of a crazy golf course. This game is modeled after the Rugrats Television Series episode of the same name.


Stu Pickles takes the Rugrats babies to a miniature golf course and promises them a huge mountain of ice cream if they get the balls in the holes. All of the gang pitches in to complete the nine-hole course. Be careful, some of the holes are more difficult than they seem. Watch out for spinning windmills and uneven greens.

The game

The game play of this level alternates between Tommy, Chuckie, Angelica, Phil and Lil as they play a nine hole game of crazy golf. The game of the game is to complete each field or hole with the number of par the game has given you. Before playing each hole, the player should take a look around each field as there are several Reptar bars hidden. When the player gets to the Angelica pyramid level, you should go inside the pyramid as there are many hidden Reptar bars hidden inside, but beware, a mummy is out to get you.


  • At Hole 8 there is a passageway in the back of the pyramid that leads to a large maze with a mummy.
  • If the level is accessed through the activities menu, then Susie can be chosen as a playable character.


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