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Season 1 Episode 10b
Incident in Aisle Seven
Original Airdate February 16, 1992
Previous Episode Weaning Tommy
Next Episode Touchdown Tommy
Incident in Aisle Seven  is the second segment of the tenth episode of Season 1 and the tenth episode overall.

Characters Present


Tommy and Grandpa go shopping at the supermarket. Tommy becomes so determined for Reptar Cereal when it appears on a commercial that he has to have it. In his quest for a box of the cereal he ends up creating a massive mess in the store.


One day in the Pickles' household, tension erupts over who is going to shop for the family's groceries. Grandpa Lou wants his favorite snack foods, Tommy wants new Reptar cereal, and Stu and Didi want their family's usual healthy foods.

As the story unfolds, Grandpa and Tommy go to the supermarket, where Tommy runs wild, causing accidents and spills in almost every aisle in his search for Reptar Cereal. However, Grandpa is oblivious to all the commotion because he is pre-occupied with using a scientific calculator, as well as purchasing what he wants.

In the end Grandpa Lou buys multiple boxes of his favorite chocolate bars and the box of Reptar Cereal (commenting that it sounds considerably more appetizing then the cereal on Didi and Stu's grocery list), as well as some of the items on the.

On their way out, Lou comments that grocery stores were considerably less messy in his youth, unaware of the cause behind the mess!


  • This is the second appearance of Reptar.
  • The episode is later a level in the video game, Rugrats: Search for Reptar.


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