Incident in Aisle 7

One of the shortcuts in Incident in Aisle Seven

Incident in Aisle Seven is a hard level game within the Rugrats: Search for Reptar whose portal is the Fudgey ding-a-ling box in the kitchen. Being a hard level game, it can't be played until the player has completed some of the easy and medium leveled games and is based of the episode of the same name.


Grandpa Lou is out of Fudgey Ding-a-ling bars so he, along with Tommy got to the store to get some. As Tommy, go through the store to find the Reptar cereal but before you can get the cereal there is a big obstacle in your way.


This game level is in two parts. In the first part, Tommy must go over slippery areas and jump into fruit and vegetable bins to get to the cart which will take you to the bakery section, there you will have to throw pies at Larry and Steve to win the first part.

The second part of this game you will have to avoid lobsters and go through the store and the freezer and dairy section. At the end of this level you have to throw cans at 3 lobsters and then the giant Blue lobster to hit the switch on top of boxes of cans so the conveyor belt will move the lobster out of the way. In the cutscene, Tommy is seen on top of the cereal as the tower starts to collapse. Tommy grabs a box of cereal and then jumps off and slides on the box over to his Grandpa.


  • If you go left at the beginning and go around the corner you will see balloons. If you click on them you can fly right to the bakery.
  • Also at the beginning of part 2 where you see the first lobster go to your right and it's a shortcut to the paper towels and toilet paper boxes.


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