It's A Jungle Out Here
Rugrats Go Wild it's a jungle out here
Episode Rugrats Go Wild
Sung by Tommy
Released June 10, 2003 (The Rugrats Go Wild Soundtrack), June 13, 2003 (Rugrats Go Wild)
Album Rugrats Go Wild (Soundtrack)
Rugrats - Jungle Adventure01:51

Rugrats - Jungle Adventure

It's A Jungle Out Here is a song sung by Tommy and the gang


Tommy: This place is different than our own backyard

Chuckie: I hope we haven't gone too far

Kimi: We're somewheres new and we haven't a clue

Susie: I just saw that butterfly turn blue

Lil: This is a strange and mysterious place

Phil: With lost of yummy buggys for us to chase

Chuckie: We're walking and we don't know where

All: Woo-wee, it's a jungle out here!

Kimi: This place is really neat

Phil: Lots of wormmys for us to eat

Tommy: Lots of furry things everywhere you stare

Lil: Feels like I got some in my underwear

Tommy: Monkeys swinging all around

Susie: I wonder if we're ever gonna get found

Kimi: We're having lots of fun! Hey, look over there!

Dil: Poopy! Haha! Jungle! Hehehe!

Phil: Great big snake hangin' from a tree

Chuckie: I hopes that it don't eat up me

Susie: That green lizard's lookin' me in the eye

I sure am glad that I'm not that fly

Lil: Prettiful birdies singing a song, tweet tweet!

Chuckie: I hope we don't stay here for long

Tommy: We've gots a job to do and we're heading up there

All: Look sharp! It's a jungle out here!

We've gots a job to do and we're heading up there! 

Woo-wee! It's a jungle out here!!

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