Jingle Babies
Rugrats Holiday Classics album cover
Episode Rugrats Holiday Classics
Sung by Tommy
Released October 12, 2004
Album Rugrats Holiday Classics
Rugrats Holiday Classics - Jingle Babies03:51

Rugrats Holiday Classics - Jingle Babies

Jingle Babies is a song from the Rugrats Holiday Classics album. 


(Come on)

You're just a bunch of tinkle heads

I'm not a tinkle head

(Here we go, come on)

Dumb babies, it's Christmas

You're gonna get a  lump of  coal

[1st Chorus]

Tinkle heads (x2)

You don't know how to play,

Pretending that you're riding in a beat up Chevrolet 


[Repeat 1st Chorus]

(Here we go (x2))

{Chorus 2}

Smashing through the snow,

in a beat up Chevorlet

Cross the yard we go,

Giggling all the way


Bells on Spike's tail ring

Snow is really white

What fun is it to play and sing

And have a snowball fight!

[1st Chorus x2]

Today we had to go ,out for another ride

I slippded on the snow, the snow gots in my eye

We mades a cool snowman,

Out of snow and ice

And when we put the hat on him,

The snowman looked real nice

[1st Chorus x2]

(Here we go, come on)

Christmas is a time, for having lots of fun

We can dance and sing

Or go and suck your thumbs

We're going out to play in a pile of snow

And when we dress up in our coats,

We're moving kind of slow

[1st Chrous x2]

(Here we go)

(Come on)

(Here we go)

{Chorus 2 with Tommy saying Hohoho replacing the giggling}

[1st Chrous x2]

(Here we go)

[1st Chorus x2]

(Here we go, come on)

You're not very nice Angelica

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