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Jon witt


Name: Jonathan Witt
Age: 20s or 30s
Voiced By: Michael Bell


Jonathan Witt is the director of the 'Tighties Diapers' commercial that Phil and Lil audition for. He acts very confident as a director and sees the diaper pyramid as his masterpiece from his dreams. He cares very little for anything except looking professional and his appearance. His brother-in-law, Bob is also the assistant director. He gets at Phil and Lil for being late, saying they're being "unprofessional". The twins are very frustrating to him because they don't understand his commands on how to behave for his commercial. When the twins disappear, he cares little for their safety and well-being but more for the possibility that his pyramid could get knocked down. He then immediately fires them for almost knocking it down, but soon sees their toy race car coming and knocks his pyramid over him. Then angrily shouts "You'll never work in this town, AGAIN!" However the twins care little and think he's a clown. However when the advertisers look at the commercial, much to his own personal shock, he finds they love the commercial. He's later seen at the end, begging Betty and the twins to work for him again, only to get rejected.

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