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Josh (last name unknown)
5 and a half
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Josh is a minor antagonist.


Josh was a chubby older kid who befriended the babies at the park. He claimed that "fair is fair" and at first seemed to be nice. However he forced the babies to push him on the tire swing, took their cookies, give them a lollipop in four players, and then made them build him a moat. When Tommy stated that he wasn't being fair, Josh told him that "this was fair" and made a fist. Tommy secretly went to Angelica to ask for help, but she refused. Upon returning Josh was angry and decided to teach them a lesson in a game he calls "pillow" where he jumps off the swing and lands on them. However before he can do so Angelica almost hits him with a water balloon. They then get into a fight which ends with Angelica pushing him down causing him to get a scraped arm. He then runs crying to his mommy and he is never seen or mentioned again.

Possible explanations for his being mean include

  • He was told "Play fair", but didn't fully know what "fair" was.
  • He meant well but didn't have a sense of empathy.
  • He truly was lying and being mean, although there doesn't seem to be a reason for that as if he wanted to be mean he could have started off mean.
  • He was unreliable like Susie. After all one day Susie helps Chuckie get over his fear of slides, the next day she boasts about how she is the "best" vs Angelica.


He has messy brown hair and wears a red baseball cap, yellow and purple shirt, blue overalls and light reddish-brown shoes. He appears to be around 5 or 6 years old.

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