Laurent Boutonnat is born June 14, 1961 in Paris, a musician, songwriter, producer and director French.


He is the son of Pierre-Louis Boutonnat, born in Saint-Louis in Senegal 4 February 1935. He was in turn director of dozens of companies and the Red Cross and, also in 2004 the WWF society. He was awarded the Legion of Honor , the National Order of Merit and is included in the official Who's Who.

His mother Marielle BRUNHES, daughter of Julien Brunhes , married to Pierre-Louis Boutonnat 16 June 1960. President of the Europe-Passion association, former adviser to the Ministry of Social Affairs to "education program to life "former Secretary General of the higher Council for sexual information, the birth control and education. She has published several articles, including "Adolescence, body and sexuality" in Humœurs review, people and customs in July 1994 (review of 1994-1996, built around the struggle for PACS ), or in the quarterly Christians & AIDS in October 1992: "And tenderness brothel! "

Laurent Boutonnat is married to Ilona Orel .

The film debut

His first feature film , The Ballad of féconductrice , a fantasy film with scenes of rare violence, is circulated two weeks in a Parisian room. The movie is PG-18 - its author in a while 17 - but is nevertheless projected to Cannes film market .

The meeting with Mylène Farmer

At 20, he composed with Jerome Dahan music Mom wrong and looking for a singer to interpret. He thinks first of Lio , but the project will not succeed. Then he spots a young girl of fifteen years but would eventually gave up for legal reasons. During a cast , then it falls under the spell of a budding actress immediately seduced by his "psychotic air." "It was her. We had not even heard her sing but I knew it was her. " Mylène Farmer released his first 45 laps March 1984 . The song has a video clip shot for the modest sum of 5,000 FRF. Since then, the Farmer-Boutonnat is inseparable tandem.

Following the success of this first single, Laurent Boutonnat writes and composes the majority of the songs of the first album of the singer, Moon Ashes , released in 1986. The second extract, more grow , which will introduced in part the success of the singer: the video clips , Laurent Boutonnat now realized in 35 mm , as real little movies with generics, soundtracks and previews.

The success

The consecration really involved in 1986 with the third single from Moon Ashes , dating and music video inspired by Barry Lyndon , success confirmed by the following single, Tristana which the clip was nominated for a Grammy . Boutonnat Laurent and Mylène Farmer, which then form a couple in town [ref. required] , created the company Tutankhamun SA.

In spring 1988 , released the album Amen ... I composed entirely by Boutonnat who abandons writing in favor of Mylène Farmer. The album is a triumph (1.8 million sales). They turn the clips No infringement (with Zouc ) Amen I ... , Provided they are sweet ([Libertine II], which will be the longest video clip scripted French: 17 min), no logic and TO what I use , which endorse the character of the singer. He also directed his first tour in 1989, and directed the film In concert , always in 35mm, released the following year.

In 1991 , Boutonnat composed the music for The Other ... , the third album of Mylène Farmer, and performs clips Disenchanted, Regrets and I love you melancholy . Désenchantée a huge success, and allow the album exceed two million copies. She was also the French song most played in the world in 2004 according to SACEM. The music video for Beyond My Control ( 1992 ), censored for being too explicit content, is the last directed by Laurent Boutonnat for Mylène Farmer until 2001.


In 1994 , he realized his dream by turning Georgie (with Mylène Farmer in the lead role). The atmosphere very dark and the duration of the film (3 hours) do not attract viewers, who prefer Forrest Gump , Pulp Fiction or Leon. Hurt by the failure of his film, the director in repurchases rights and prevent any dissemination. However, it will eventually yield to the pressure of a loyal to his world (petitions for the release of the film circulated on the Internet), strengthened by the success of Jacquou Crisp , decide to edit Georgie DVD, 13 years after its theatrical release.

Musical return

In early 1995, he participated in the composition of the album Anamorphosée of Mylène Farmer, the more rock. He also worked on the design of the following tour, and he immortalized in Live at Bercy ( 1997 ).

In 1997, he became the producer and composer of Nathalie Cardone , who enjoyed great success with his cover of Hasta Siempre. He participated in his first album, and performs the music of Popular singles, My angel and if Baila.

In 1999 , fate Innamoramento of Mylène Farmer, album that consists largely. However, it does not participate in the design of the Mylenium Tour following the release of the album.

In 2000 , he co-produced with Mylène Farmer young singer Alizee , made ​​it to the music of Moi ... Lolita and directed the clip. The song was a worldwide success (more than 2 million sales), followed by a triumphant album, Delicacies , also signed Farmer / Boutonnat.

In 2001 , he took the camera to Mylène Farmer and performs clips Words and forgive me . He also directed the clips Alizee Speak softly and I'm not twenty and his second album, My electric currents . In 2003 , he staged the spectacle of the young Corsican and receives the same year the Grand Prix of Author-Director of the Audiovisual, awarded by the SACEM . It carries the following year a clip for a young singer Kamal Kacet, IFKIS. Laurent also produces the album of the latter, "Black Tears".

Third film

In 2005 , fate Before the shadow ... , the sixth album of Mylène Farmer which he composed almost all the music. It also participates in association with the singer, to the staging of the show Before the shadow ... At Bercy . Meanwhile, he began shooting his new film, an adaptation of the novel by Eugène Le Roy Jacquou crisp , to be released in France on 17 January 2007 . As dark as Georgie, the film received a warm welcome, and reaches the million entries.

In 2008 , he composed the music of Point de Suture , the seventh album of Mylène Farmer, and participates in the artistic direction of his 2009 Tour (, particularly by the Stade de France ).

In 2011 , he composed the music for two unpublished 2001-2011 (the second best of Mylène Farmer), Time and Be me be me, and directed the clip Time. In parallel, he composed some songs for the Russian artist Mona Kalina.

In 2012 , he composed the music for Monkey Me , ninth album of Mylène Farmer, and carries the title of the clip With the shadow . The following year, he participated in the tour of Mylène Farmer, Timeless in 2013 , of which he is the co-designer and co-artistic director of the show (with Mylène Farmer), but also musical arranger for certain securities.

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