Looking For Jack Gallery Transcript

(Tommy, Angelica, and Chuckie are in Mrs. Pickle's car at Tommy's house, waiting to be taken to see a Dummi Bears concert. Tommy's dog is trying to get into the car. In the background, the Dummi Bears theme song plays, repeating over and over the lyrics "Sing a happy happy happy happy happy happy song.")

Tommy: Poor Spike! He wants to go to the Dummi Bears concert too.

Chuckie: (laughing) This is going to be the "bestest" show ever Tommy. Do you think Jelly Bear will be there? I hope so. Maybe we can get a poster or, or a picture. Maybe I'll even get to meet Jelly Bear. Oh my gosh. What would I say to him? I hope he sings this song. (starts singing) "Happy happy happy happy happy -"

(Angelica stops him by shoving a blanket in his mouth)

Angelica: Hey, you're wrecking the song!

Charlotte: (on the phone to her assistant) Jonathan, I'm going to a Dummi Bears concert. Don't complain to me about your day.

Didi: Thanks for taking the kids, Charlotte. I would have, but the cheese festival only comes once a year, and this year's theme is Camombaire, and you know how Stu always-

Charlotte: It's no problem Didi.

Didi: Are you sure you're going to be all right? You seem so busy.

Charlotte: I've got everything under control.

(Spike jumps into the car without anyone noticing, and Charlotte closes the back hatch and gets into the car.)

Charlotte: Ugh, that eternal noise. (turns off music) Say bye-bye to Mommy!

Jonathan: (on the phone) Goodbye, Mommy.

Charlotte: No, not you, Jonathan. Now patch me through to Wetherbee's office.

(while driving in town, the truck in front of her keeps swerving)

Charlotte: (to the truck) Will you please choose a lane! (into the phone) I know Lloyd, but right now I've got a car full of Dummi Bears and I'm on my way to a babies concert. Scratch that. I've got a car full of - Oh never mind.

(Spike appears and licks Tommy's face in the back seat)

Tommy: (laughing) Hey, Spike does get to go to the Dummi Bears.

Angelica: He's not supposed to be here. He must have "snucked" in when we picked you babies up.

Tommy: Oh, which one is your favorite Dummi Bear Spike?

(Spike barks)

Charlotte: (thinks Angelica made the noise since she doesn't realize the dog is in the car, hands a tissue to Angelica) Cover your mouth sweetheart. (back on the phone, now Angelica start to antique gasp) Trust me Lloyd. I'll be there in three hours maximum.

(a can of olive oil falls off the truck; the car runs over it and gets a flat tire; Charlotte pulls it to the side of the street)

Tommy: What was that?

(all gasp)

Charlotte: (still on the phone) Or maybe four hours.

Chuckie: Uh, eh, it was scary. It sounded like the car burped.

Angelica: It didn't burp. It "broked."

Charlotte: Don't worry kids. Everything is fine. I'll be right back. (gets out of car and notices the flat tire and gasps; calls Lloyd again on her cellular phone) Lloyd, I'll call you in twenty.

(makes another call)

Chuckie: Oh, do you think we're going to miss the Dummi Bears concert?

Angelica: Of course now. My mommy will call somebody to fix it and we'll be out of here real soon.

Charlotte: (still on the phone) What do you mean, two hours! Arghghg! Well, I've leveraged a hostile take over while reorganizing subordinated debt. I suppose I can change a tire.

(she opens the car latch and searches for a jack)

Charlotte: Huh, no jack. (gets into the front seat) You kids be patient. There's just a little problem with the car.

Angelica: But Mommy. We're going to miss the very very beginning of the show, and that's my very "favoretist" part.

Charlotte: I know sweetheart, but Mommy can't do anything without a jack. Here, thumb through these stock offerings. It shouldn't be too long.

(hands Angelica some papers; then back on the phone)

Phone Voice: Hello.

Charlotte: Yeah, Lloyd. It's me again.

Chuckie: Who's Jack?

Angelica: He's the person that fixes car. Do I have to teach you everything.

Chuckie: There must be a bazillion people out there. I wonder which one is Jack?

Tommy: (getting out of his seat) Well, we're just going to have to find him, or we'll never get to the show.

Chuckie: But, uh, maybe we should wait you guys. Angelica' s mommy said it wouldn't be too long.

Angelica: That's what grownups always say when it's gonna to take forever. Don't you want to see the Dummi Bears live on stage and the final "daformance" of their laser "spangtacular."

Chuckie: I guess you're right.

Tommy: Atta boy Chuckie!

Angelica: Of course I'm right. Now give me that blankie.

Chuckie: (sighs) Oh.

(Chuckie gives her his blanket; she ties it to her seat and lowers it out the car window; the kids climb down it)

Charlotte: (still on the phone) I'm taking numbers, syntax, and context. Oh, and another thing Lloyd -

Tommy: (to dog) You stay there Spike. We'll be right back. Well, I guess we'll have to search the whole world. So let's start here. (kids go into Montello's restaurant; musician singing and playing the accordion) We'll go over here Angelica.

(Tommy and Chuckie leave Angelica, and she bumps into the host)

Host: Can I help you?

Angelica: I'm looking for Jack.

Host: Who's asking?

Angelica: Hey, didn't you see my mouth move.

Host: Jack is not available at this particular moment.

(Tommy and Chuckie peek behind a chair)

Tommy: Wow, Jack is here!

Host: Hey, should you not be with your mommy, little girl?

Angelica: Listen, mister. I need Jack and I need him now.

(waiter appears)

Waiter: Hey Vinnie. Ain't that Jack's kid?

(they look at a photo on the wall, in which Jack's kid looks a lot like Angelica)

Host: Oh, oh, oh. My utmost apologies Miss Montello. I did not realize you was Jack's kid.

Angelica: (playing along) Right, that's exactly who I am. Now get me Jack. I mean Daddy.

Host: Just a second. Tony, keep an eye on her.

(he leaves)

Chuckie: How come Angelica didn't tell us her daddy was Jack?

Tommy: Oh, I think she is just pretending.

(host goes in back to Jack's office; knocks on the door)

Jack: (voice only) This had better be important 'cause I told you not to bother me.

Host: (opens the door) I think it is important boss.

Jack: You think it's important. 'Cause if it is something you cannot handle, maybe I gotta get someone who can.

Host: Oh, oh, no, no, no boss. We can handle it. I, I'm sorry I even knocked on your door. My sincerest apologies to you and yours.

(closes the door)

(Host goes back to Angelica)

Accordion Player: (Singing) Those pesky dogs always wake me up in the morning.

Host: The boss, I, I mean your daddy, he is not available right now.

Angelica: But I need him.

Host: I know, but you see, he is busy.

Angelica: I don't care if he is busy.

Waiter: Hey, how about we get you something to eat while you wait. I nice spumoni, perhaps?

Angelica: I don't want balogna. I want Jack.

Waiter: Not a balogna. A ice cream. Do you like ice cream.

Angelica: Oh, um, what kinds do you have?

Tommy: (peering with Chuckie from behind a chair) Oh, come on Chuckie.

(Tommy and Chuckie go to the back of the restaurant)

Tommy: He must be this way.

Chuckie: Oh, I wish I, I wish Jelly Bear was here.

(back to Charlotte still on the phone in her car)

Charlotte: You know Lloyd, that mink farm might be a good investment. Well, no, personally I'm not that fond of animals.

(the dog whines)

Charlotte: (thinking it is the kids) Oh not now kids. (gives the dog a scone without looking at it) Here, have another scone and be quiet.

Phone Voice: Hey, you can't say that to me.

Charlotte: Not you Lloyd.

(Tommy and Chuckie are still exploring the back rooms)

Chuckie: Well, no Jack here. Hey, I got an idea. Let's go back to the car and hide.

Tommy: We can't stop now Chuckie. We got to get the car fixed and get to the Dummi Bear concert. You see if Jack's in there and I'll check over here.

(Chuckie opens a door; raw meat is hanging in it; closes it and pants)

Tommy: Is Jack in there?

Chuckie: Nope, nothing in here.

(Tommy opens another door)

Chuckie: Oh, this is just a potty. (they get to Jack's office) Hey, do you think he's in there.

(Tommy climbs on Chuckie's back to reach the door knob)

Tommy: I don't-

Host: (grabs the kids into private door) Hey, where did you two come from? Get away from that door kiddies. Let's go find your mommy and daddy.

Accordion Player: (singing back in the main restaurant) If you want to come back -

(Angelica is now sitting at a table, eating a huge bowl of spaghetti with some cheese)

Angelica: Hmph, I need more cheese. How am I supposed to eat this without more cheese?

Host: Just one moment Miss Montello. I just need to get these babi-

Angelica: No, now. Or Daddy's going to hear about this.

Host: Right, right. Of course, Miss Montello.

(leaves Chuckie and Tommy near Angelica, who is still eating)

Tommy: We couldn't find Jack, Angelica.

Chuckie: Now we'll never see the show.

Angelica: You babies are always griping about something. Hey you. Get over here

(to the accordion player)

Accordion Player: Yes, Miss Montello. Uh, what could I play for you?

Angelica: Do you know the Dummi Bears song?

Accordion Player: Hah, but of course. (starts singing) Sing a happy happy happy happy happy happy song.

(continues singing)

Chuckie: Wow.

Angelica: See, just as good.

Tommy: But Angelica, I wanted to see the real Dummi Bears and that means we got to find Jack.

Angelica: Jack schmack. I've got everything I need right here. Hey waiter, more cherry soda.

Tommy: But Angelica-

(Jack appears and grabs one of Angelica's breadsticks)

Jack: Well, here's a little trio that's getting some special treatment.

(he eats some of the stick)

Angelica: Hey, buster. That's mine. Get your greasy paws off it.

Jack: Well, we certainly have a mouth on us.

Angelica: Yeah, well who let you into this smelly place.

Jack: I own this smelly place. I'm Jack.

Angelica: Umm, Mr. Daddy sir. It's me, your little butter cup?

Jack: What's going on here.

Host: Uh, it's your daughter, Gianna.

Jack: That's not my Gianna.

Angelica: Come on, I was only joking.

Host: What should we go with her boss.

Jack: Leave her, if she talked you goons out of all this stuff, she's got to have spunk.

Angelica: I got spunk? Is that good?

Host: What's your name little girl?

Angelica: Angelica Pickles.

Host: Angie? What could be bad about a girl named Angie? So, where is your mommy Angie?

Angelica: She's right out front. We just came in here to ask you to fix our car so we can get to the Dummi Bears concert.

Host: Dummi Bears? I love the Dummi Bears! Come on, let's take car of that car.

(back to Charlotte, still on the phone in her car)

Charlotte: Well, Lloyd. If you feel that way, the maybe it's best we didn't meet after all.

(Jack, the kids, host, and waiter go to Charlotte's car)

Charlotte: Uh, Lloyd. I'll, I'll call you right back.

Angelica: Mommy, we found Jack for you.

Charlotte: Angelica. Kids, well, I thought you were... (the dog barks) Spike?

(dog barks)

Jack: Mrs. Pickles, Jack Montello.

(shakes her hand)

Charlotte: Mr. Montello. I'm not sure what happened here but thank you for bringing back my little girl and her friends.

Jack: It's no problem. From the moment I saw your daughter in my restaurant I said this girl, she's got a lot of moxy.

Charlotte: Well, she does have a lot of my strong points.

Jack: (opening up the door to his limo) Now, if you'll allow me to drive, the Dummi Bears show starts in eight minutes.

Charlotte: Yes, of course.

(The camera moves to the babies and Charlotte at the Dummi Bears show.)

(Dummi Bear continues singing the Dummi Bears song)

Jack: I love that Jelly Bear.

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