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Chuckie devastated that his pet had died.


  • Name: Melville the Bug-Finster
  • Species: Caterpillar
  • Owner: Chuckie
  • Status: Deceased


Melville was Chuckie's pet bug, Chuckie took him in because basically he's the only type of pet (besides dogs as revealed later) that won't affect his father's allergies. Chuckie loved Melville dearly and confided to him with things he never told anyone. He also played many games with him like fetch, exploring, bugs in the rug, eating chocolate pudding, and even tried to once eat leaves like Melville did. This joy would be cut short, when Chuckie brings him over to Tommy's house. He asks the others to care for him while he looks for a special type of leaf for Melville, after he leaves Tommy and the twins decide to see how Melville is. However when they check, they see Melville doesn't move or anything. Although Tommy is confused as to why, the twins explain to him that Melville's dead and go on to explain what death means. It should be noted that in this episode I Remember Melville this is the first real time the Rugrats talk and get an understanding of death.

Although Tommy isn't sure if he is, Phil does various things all of which Melville never moves then says "Yep, he's dead alright". Although the twins want to try and forget what they just learned, Tommy convinces them that they have to try and break the news easily to Chuckie. They even try to find a new bug to replace him, they quickly pick a snail. However, Phil keeps stating he doesn't see a snail as a bug. However, when Chuckie sees the snail, he agrees with Phil and demands to know where Melville is. Although he doesn't believe he's really dead, he tries very desperately to awaken his dead pet. Chuckie, however, still doesn't believe Melville is dead and tries to show his denial by playing with the dead bug on a toy circus he made. But after seeing Melville not even stay on a ball, he breaks down crying from the realization that his pet is dead. Then declares he'll never be happy again. The next day, while the babies try to be sensitive to how Chuckie reacted to Melville's death, Chuckie appears to be over it. Believing him, Tommy takes him and the twins inside to have chocolate pudding. But no sooner does Chuckie start eating does he begin to cry, remembering how he and Melville shared chocolate pudding before he died. Tommy then decides to put the pudding away and try to find something that won't make Chuckie remember Melville.

Chuckie however declines, saying he wanted to remember him because if he doesn't who else would and that he still liked chocolate pudding. Tommy, confused, ask why he does to which Chuckie tries to figure out why. He then calmly answers Tommy that he "Never got to say good-bye". So to give Chuckie some closure, Tommy and the twins give Melville a funeral. And as the twins say some good words and some things they remember about Melville, they both begin to cry. All are shocked to hear Chuckie laughing, when they both ask why he's laughing. He, happily responds, that he's laughing because he's happy and that the memories they reminded of Melville gave him joy. He then says from now on when he thinks of Melville, he'll be happy to which both twins cry for no reason much to Chuckie and Tommy's surprise.

Melville died of natural causes.


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