The mirror portal

Mirrorland is a bonus level of the Rugrats: Search for Reptar video game that can only be reached for the first time by completing one of the main games. Once this game has been completed the player is free to play at again by finding the mirror portal. This is based off the Rugrats epsiode of the same name


Tommy's world is topsy-turvy, literally. As Tommy, you must search for a way out of this upside down world. Look for a balloon to carry you to safety.


The player, as Tommy, is in Mirrorland where everything is upside down and backwards. Tommy must find several boxes around the house and open them, one at a time, releasing colored balloons. The player must then collect the balloons, by walking into them, before the time runs out. Once the player has explored the house and opened all the balloon boxes and collected all the different sets of balloons, Tommy will have enough to get back to the real world.

There are many Reptar bars scatted around the house in this level. Reptar bars that are out when the balloons have been released can only be collected whilst the balloons are still out.


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