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Angelica: Hold the elevator. (trips) My ankle! My nose! MY PARTY!

Kimi: (singing loudly) Bald-headed woman!

Lil: It's "Tall Redhead Woman" not "Bald-headed Woman"! Why would he be in love with a bald-headed woman?

Kimi: I don't know! Maybe she shaved her head for him!

(On TV; Temptation Hospital) TV Patient: The grass is blue! The grass is blue!

TV Doctor: She's been talking the crazy talk.

TV Nurse: Did you say "crazy talk"?

TV Doctor: Actually, I said "the crazy talk."

Miss O'Keats: Oh... you see, all our efforts were not for naught.

Phil: I do "naught" understand a word she says.

Angelica: You must tell everyone my brain is temporarily melting and I must be in complete seclusion for recovery. And you can't tell anyone about my nose, or I will hunt you down and -

Harold: Don't worry, silence is my middle name. Actually, it's Wayne, but your secret's safe with me.

Phil: Which is the vowel that's only "sometimes"?

Miss O'Keats: Y.

Phil: Just curious - so which is it?

Miss O'Keats: Y.

Phil: Why don't you just tell me?

Miss O'Keats: It's A, E, I, O, U, and sometimes Y!

Phil: Uh... thanks.

(At the hospital) Nurse Krunk: It's mealtime.

Angelica: Finally - I'm starving.

Nurse Krunk: Not you, the patients.

Angelica: Geez, are patients the only thing anybody cares about in this place?

Miss O'Keats: Time stands still in a peaceful garden.

Phil: No kidding - the past five minutes took, like, an hour.

Chuckie: Ever since I saw Our Whimpering Planet, I'm here to save Mother Earth. Do you know it's hotter today than yesterday? I can actually feel the globe warming.

Kimi: Try losing one of the sweaters.

Kimi: Are Lil and I the only ones who actually want to make a tranquility garden?

Phil: What? I'm not a plant person; I'm a people person.

Lil: Guess again.

Chuckie: What's a tranquility garden, anyway?

Phil: Do you know what a garden is?

Chuckie: Yeah.

Phil: Add tranquility. Duh.

Chuckie: Oh... that clears it up.

Harold: You have a cast on your nose!

Angelica: Good work, Columbo.

Susie: (To Angelica) There's no way you're gonna earn your stripes that way! (Shows Angelica with few stripes, and Susie with many)

Lil: Did you hear me? How did I sound?

Phil: Let me just say, you have the face for radio, but not the voice.

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