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Monster in the Garage Gallery Transcript
Season 1 Episode 9b
Monster in the Garage
Original Airdate October 6, 1991
VHS release A Baby's Gotta Do What a Baby's Gotta Do
DVD release Season 1
Previous Episode Candy Bar Creep Show
Next Episode Weaning Tommy
Monster in the Garage is the second segment of the ninth episode of Season 1, and the ninth Rugrats segment overall.



When Spike is accused by Stu of knocking things over in the Pickles' garage, the Rugrats go to investigate what really happened and clear Spike's name. Believing it to be a monster, will the babies be brave enough to discover who the real culprit is?

- Description from Klasky Csupo.


A rat scurries around knocking items off the shelves in the garage, and Stu and Grandpa Lou place the blame on Spike. The Rugrats know who actually wrecked the basement's contents and nickname the rat as "the Monster", without a clue what the creature actually is. After hearing Grandpa Boris' story about the "dibbick" fighting off the monster with his "klobbermeister", the Rugrats go into the garage in search of the monster to fight it. They end up wrecking more of the garage, but do manage to rid the garage of the rat.


  • This episode marks the second appearance of both Boris and Minka.
  • This episode features a shot between Tommy and the rat based on The Creation of Adam, located on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel.
  • The license plate on the Pickles' car reads "PKLS".
  • This episode is also available in book form.
  • The scene where Tommy and the mouse touch each other's figure is similar to the 1982 film E.T. The Extra Terrestrial.


  • In the beginning when Didi, Stu, Grandpa, Tommy, and Chuckie run to the garage, Didi's 'Mud Mask' only covers her face. But, a few seconds later, it's on her neck and the inside of her bathrobe, too. However, in the next shot, it's only on her face.

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