Mr. Boppo
Name Mister Boppo
Type Punching toy
Owner(s) Tommy, Chuckie
Creator Stu
First Appearance Give and Take
Mr. Boppo is Tommy's punching toy that introduces itself each time it is hit. The toy was invented by Stu. Tommy unwittingly loans the toy to Chuckie. At first Chuckie begins to have fun playing with him, he quickly changes his mind once Angelica reveals he looks greatly like a clown. Because of his fear of clowns, Chuckie then becomes immediately afraid of Boppo but is afraid to return him to Tommy because he was told it was bad. Eventually he and Tommy tell each other the truth, and happily gives back Boppo to Tommy but not before covering his face with a blanket.


The toy is mostly white. It is made to look like it is wearing red pants and a blue vest. Its nose is red. The toy has two white "eyes".


Mr. Boppo has only appeared in one episode of the Rugrats television series, Give and Take.


You can find Mr. Boppo gallery here.

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