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Mr Mucklehoney

Name: Mr. Mucklehoney (first name unknown)
Age: Unknown, but possibly middle-aged
Voiced By: Michael Bell


Mr. Mucklehoney is a heavy-set man, who wears "clown" socks. He is the President of 'Mucklehoney Industries', a toy manufacturer, which Stu wants to distribute his toys. He's a very loud, but friendly man and seems to enjoy kids or is at least like a big child at heart. He greatly enjoys playing pranks, just as much as he loves eating. For the most part of "Waiter, There's A Baby In My Soup", he's playing a prank or laughing at Stu's inventions, he does show some interest at Stu's inventions and imaginations.


You can find Mr. Mucklehoney gallery here.

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