Rugrats - Lady Luck 26
Mrs. Horkin
Also Known AsMrs. Horkin
Birth DateUnknown
Age50 (Possibly)
OccupationSupervisor of the 'Senior Center'
InterestsPreaching of activities that express "quiet and relaxation"
FriendsLou Pickles (Possible love interest)
Tommy Pickles
Chuckie Finster
Phil DeVille
Lil DeVille
Voice ActorAlice Ghostley
First AppearanceLady Luck (Rugrats) (Season 5) (1997)
 Mrs Horkin  is the supervisor of the 'Senior Center'. She is always preaching activities that express "quiet and relaxation" is the key to happiness. She's a friendly and kind lady, she just wants all the senior citzens to be happy. During for the most part of Lady Luck she's seen looking for the babies by the trail of bingo markers they leave behind. All the while she's forced into some of the events such as conga line, but is very friendly towards the babies when she does find them. As they meet her, they begin to think she's Lady Luck and immediately warm up to her. As she returns the babies to Lou, she and Lou become attracted to each other. She becomes a brief love interest to Grandpa Lou.

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