Mrs. Smith
Mrs. Smith
Also Known AsN/A
Birth DateN/A
OccupationSocial Studies Teacher
Social Studies
RelativesUnknown Baby (son or daughter)
EnemiesAngelica Pickles
Voice ActorGrey DeLisle
First Appearance"What's Love Got to do With It?" (2007)
Last Appearance"What's Love Got to do With It?" (2007)
You talked me into changing your grades before, Angelica. But I'm putting my foot down!
— Mrs. Smith denying to change Angelica's grade in "What's Love Got to do With It?".


Mrs. Smith is the social studies teacher at Jim Jr. High. She is shown to be easily manipulated by Angelica so she can change her failing grades into a passing grade. She is shown wearing a light yellow blouse with golden triangular earrings. She has short brown hair with pink lipstick, and is pregnant.


  • According to Angelica, Mrs. Smith gave birth to a 100 pound baby.
  • After giving birth, she be out for the rest of the school year.
  • It's unclear who her husband is or what gender the baby is.

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