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Season 3 Episode 15a
Naked Tommy title
Naked Tommy
Original Airdate January 2, 1994
VHS release Tommy Troubles
DVD release Season 3
Previous Episode The Odd Couple
Next Episode Tommy and the Secret Club

Naked Tommy is a Season 3 episode of Rugrats.

Characters Present


Tommy takes his clothes off, wanting to be like his dog, Spike and Reptar. He gets Lil and Phil to do it as well, but Chuckie hates the idea.


After seeing how much fun his dog, Spike, has not wearing clothes, Tommy decides to join him in being naked. He takes off his diaper and his shirt and rides on spikes back. When Stu sees him, he tries to put Tommy's diaper back on, but Tommy keeps removing it numerous times. Phil and Lil soon arrive and realize that Tommy is naked. They ask why isn't Tommy wearing clothes, and Tommy told them he got rid of them to be like his dog. He then tells Phil and Lil that wearing clothes makes them itchy, and that they don't have to wear clothes. They soon agree with their friend's new custom. Then they start to undress by first taking off shoes, socks, and everything else. Immediately after, Chas and Chuckie arrive at the Pickles' household, where Stu is aghast that the twins have as well undressed themselves. Chas seems to have no problem with their behavior saying that its a phase that many children go through. Stu and Chas then leave the room. Chuckie however becomes uncomfortable regardless of Tommy and the other babies partipication. He does reluctantly start to take his shirt off after some convincing by Tommy. Chuckie struggles to take his clothes off as Betty walks into the room the babies are in. She is mortified to see her children naked and starts to grab them and their clothes in her arms. She then scowls Didi for her bad parenting and beings to think her and Stu are nudists and hippie freaks, right before leaving the house angrily. After Betty leaves, Didi puts Chuckie's clothes back on, while Chuckie realizes that due to Betty's actions, they will never be allowed to see Phil and Lil again. Tommy tells him not to worry about it. Because of this situation, Stu desperately tries to make a last-minute invention to force Tommy's clothes and diaper to stay on.


Trying to be just like Spike, Tommy takes off his clothes, and entices the other Rugrats to do the same. Will Stu get these "nakie babies" under control? - Description from Klasky Csupo.


(Tommy tells Phil and Lil to guess what is different about him.)

Phil: Did you get a new tooth?

Tommy: No.

Lil: Did you get a new haircut?

Tommy: No.

Phil: I know! You're buck naked!

(While getting undressed, Phil takes off Lil's shoes.)

Lil: Aaaahh....I feel better already!

Chuckie: Don't think I have noticed Tommy, you're all totally naked!

(Tommy expresses nudity to Chuckie.)

Tommy: Nakie is fun! Nakie is free! Nakie is...nakie!

(Lil takes off her clothes, and Phil and the other boys notice that, since Lil is a girl, there is something different about her.)

Lil: Phillip!

Phil: Lillian!

Tommy: Uh, Lil? Can I ask you a question?


  • In this episode, we see that the curved line is above Phil and Lil's Navel, later in Lil's Phil of Trash, the curved line is below Phil's bellybutton.
  • It is mentioned in this episode that Susie has a cat. The cat's name is Chowder, as mentioned in The Last Babysitter, which he is first seen in. Chowder is seen again in the beginning of Junior Prom, when the babies are playing with him.
  • This is the second time Tommy takes off his diaper, the first is when he took it off in Mirrorland.


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