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Spike the Wonder Dog 9
Name Oodles the Talking Poodle
Gender Male
Species Poodle
Occupation (none)
Interests Saving people, assisting others, talking
Relatives (none known)
Friends (none known)
Enemies (none known)
Only Appearance Spike the Wonder Dog
Oodles is the title and central character of a television show within the Rugrats animated series with the ability to communicate with humans. Oodles is most likely a parody of Underdog and Lassie. He is known as "Oodles the Talking Poodle", which is also the title of the television show he stars in. Oodles does not seem to have any superpowers besides the ability to talk with humans.


Oodles the talking poodle is the main protagonist of the television show within the Rugrats series of the same name. He is best known for being able to talk to humans, though he often gets mixed up with the identities of the people he is communicating with. After the babies watch his show, they are inspired to find out if Spike can talk just like Oodles.


Oodles is mostly pink. He has a red nose and a pair of white eyes with black pupils. The character has four legs and two long ears atop his head. He wears a dark blue shirt, and a red cape with two yellow zeroes on it.


Oodles has only appeared in one episode of Rugrats, Spike the Wonder Dog.